HK media: 46 years old Carol Zhu Liqian is pregnant

It was reported in the Hong Kong media that Andy Lau’s wife Carol Zhu Liqian is already pregnant. Andy had been longing to become a father, when exposed of him hiding his marriage, he admitted his wrongdoing on his blog as he exclaimed that he wanted to have children thus getting married.

It seems that 50 years old Andy and 46 years old Carol had planned to have children, but it had been 3 years since they got married, despite seeking help from Chinese and Western doctors, even alleged that they went to France for artificial insemination but only return with disappointment.

The couple had been following Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, participated in scheduled prayers and donated lots of money, very devoted in hope of blessing. Last year, Andy was advised to have more god-sons and god-daughters in order to increase his wife’s affinity to get pregnant, he immediately acknowledge Carol’s younger sister new born as god daughter, they even flew to Malaysia to get along with their god-daughter.

Devoted Buddhist Carol is finally pregnant, to thanks the blessing of Buddha, Andy earlier had secretly arranged Taiwan’s Di Jiao Abbot to Hong Kong for a three days (72 hours) prayer with all air tickets and accommodation expenses paid by him, he also asked the abbot to ask for Buddha’s blessing for his “hard-to-come” baby, there were also 20 nuns to pray for Carol and protecting the Lau family’s direct line of descent.

The abbot had many followers, thus when on the day he arrived at the airport, it was as if fans welcoming an artist.

In the photographs of East Weekly, it showed Carol accompanied by two bodyguards to meet up with Di Jiao Abbot from Taiwan’s Xiangde Temple and 20 nuns around 8pm the next day. It’s reported that the abbot’s visit to Hong Kong to meet the public and also did a prayer to bless the pregnant Carol.

An insider said: “Andy had tried artificial insemination several times and they were unsuccessful, he invited the abbot to Hong Kong for a blessing ceremony for his baby, in hope that the baby will grow up healthy, with Carol’s age more than 40 years ago, more artificial insemination would do harm to her body.” With regards to their successful conception, being it the first three months, they would rather keep it low profile and have no intention to announce to the public.”

The report also said that Andy who celebrated his 50th birthday two months ago, Carol was to attend but avoid the event to prevent a “clash”. The report pointed out that Carol is 3-months pregnant, when Andy’s parents were having tea with their neighbours, they kept discussing about artificial insemination with them.

When reporter tried to contact Andy, it was said that he’s currently busy location shooting in Mainland China thus his assistant replied: “No reply to this question.”

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