Three Mainland China actresses joined the cast of Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains

The film – Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains is currently shooting in Hangzhou. The cast welcomed another heavyweight actress in Siqin Gaowa.

It is said that Siqin Gaowa first shooting was at an elegant bar where its customers includes foreigners, swindlers and royalties. Siqin Gaowa was dressed elegantly and special as she was on a modified wheelchair with spikes and wheels with LED, a hourglass in hand. The scene narrates Andy received a SMS from a stranger thus he went to the bar to investigate, they had eye contact within seconds. Although this being their first collaboration, their eye contact hold the set and it was shot successfully. In the scene, Siqin Gaowa had to say: “If I want you to go up, you will go up, if I want you to go down, you will go down.” When saying that line, she need to flip the hourglass in her hand but she didn’t feel free and ease doing it, Andy then went forward and demostrate to her, he told Siqin Gaowa modestly: “You can flip it this way, it would look nicer, you can try.”

Siqin Gaowa has only praise for Andy, she said: “Andy Lau is a very talented artist, very friendly, comfortable working with him.” Siqin Gaowa revealed that she had earlier collaborated with Andy in a film but disappointed that they do not have a scene together. During 2008’s 27th Hong Kong Film Festival, Siqin Gaowa won the Best Actress award with The Aunt’s Postmodern Life and Andy won the Best Supporting Actor award with Protégé, “We did discuss about collaborating, never expected it became real so soon.”

Up and coming Mainland China actress Shi Tianqi will be “Dressed in black female Capricorn”, she would be the leader of the group, she would abandon her usual innocent image for a “ruthless, sexy and cold blooded” image which she would be involved in secret tradings, kidnapping, robbery and fighting for the painting on sea, there will be several dangerous action scenes. She would be undergoing martial arts and dancing training, she expressed: “The filming is tough, all the actors gave a lot and worked very hard, everybody gone through “sour, sweet, bitter and spice” together in hope to present a film that does not disappoint.”

Another up and coming Mainland China actress Izumiia Liu Yu Qi whom had been quite active in the silver screen recently will also be joining the cast, she will be a sexy female agent, although just a cameo but she would have an “intimate” scene with Andy in the swimming pool. Despite having a tight schedule, she still squeeze some time out when she was told that she will be collaborating with Andy. It is said that her role will be a sexy agent who assist Andy in a secret mission, she will have an “intimate” scene with Andy in the swimming pool, it will be a highlight in the film. Currently Izumiia had already arrived at the set, she had tuned into her best condition as she anticipate to achieve the best effect in her collaboration with Andy.

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