Andy quipped that he’s too short for Lin Chiling

Andy Lau, Lin Chiling, Zhang Jingchu and Tong Dawei were at West Lake: Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake yesterday for the lensing ceremony of the film – Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains. They arrived in a giant dragon-shaped boat, the event attracted hundreds of media to report.

Andy showed off his gentleman side as he helped the other casts when they get off the boat. When the fans spotted the stars, they moved towards them and screamed out loud, Andy then lead the fellow actors to wave at the fans.

The ceremony started off with speeches from Phoenix TV boss Liu Changle, China Film Group Corporation Han Sanping and Media Asia Group’s John Chong. Han Sanping revealed that the idea of this film came from Liu Changle, he wanted to shoot this story and he felt that the male lead can only be Andy Lau, but he was rather busy last year, thus shooting had to postponed to this year. In addition, the film would be co-directed by Chinese and Western, hopefully it will have an Oriental 007 feel. Andy said: “Initially this film would start shooting last year, many thanks for everybody waiting for me till the film start shooting this year, I’ve no fighting in this film, but there will be a lot of car chase scenes. The action scenes are very outstanding, the acting are only one third of the film. (You’ve no fighting scenes?) Nope, I’m an acting-type actor, I’m responsible for acting.” All present burst into laughter.

The film will narrates a treasure hunt story similar to 007 films, Andy will be an interpol in the film. When the compere asked what’s his feelings of becoming Oriental’s James Bond, Andy exclaimed that he would like it this way but with the film just started shooting, it would depend on how the director shoot the film.

When interviewed, Andy expressed one of the important scenes of the film being he breaking up and patch up with his girlfriend. Reporters then asked who is his girlfriend between Lin Chiling and Zhang Jingchu. He quipped: “Of course she’s not tall.” Lin Chiling then added: “Those tall ones will be disqualified.” Andy followed up saying: “Correct, who asked me to be so short.”

According to sources from the film company, the painting is stolen by the Japanese, Lin Chiling will be the Japanese agent, thus had a fiery relationship with Andy, there will be a triangle relationship between Andy, Lin Chiling and Zhang Jingchu. According to the script, Lin Chiling passed away in the end with Andy and Zhang Jingchu living happily together.

Mainland China idol Tong Dawei would be a villain for the first time, he exclaimed that other than the character attracting, the most important reason is that he would be able to collaborate with his idol Andy, to him it’s a dream, he hope to learn from Andy. He exclaimed: “Because I knew that Andy would be in this film, thus I contributed my first villain role.”

Tong Dawei was influence by Hong Kong showbiz, he watched a lot of Andy’s films, when he saw Andy in person, he exclaimed that he grew up by watching Andy’s films, all the characters that Andy played influence him, this made Andy burst into laughter. As it will be Tong Dawei’s first time as a villain, thus the experience Andy would give him suggestions, when asked if he gave Tong Dawei any suggestions, Andy quipped: “Hope he won’t be too handsome.” Tong Dawei immediately followed up: “How handsome would not be as handsome as Andy.”

Lin Chiling who would have multiple images in the film expressed that most importantly she got to collaborate with everybody’s idol (Andy) and she would do her best. Andy exclaimed that his on-again-off-again relationship with Lin Chiling: “It’s like the fate of the painting.” In 2004 Golden Horse Film Awards, Lin Chiling gave Andy a “love hug”, when the media requested that she gave Andy a hug, she rejected their request as she said: “Everybody will see it in the film.”

Zhang Jingchu who attended the event with her right wrist injured, she expressed that her character is very different, the director also told her after shooting this film, nobody would marry as she really fight well in the film.

With regards to his co-stars saying that they are happy to work with their idol, Andy said: “Everybody has their own history, like this drawing and myself have our own background, to be able to collaborate with these new generation actors, it made me feel that I’m running on the track, also feel that I’m very important.”

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