Andy win 6 awards at IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Award

Organized by IFPI, IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Award was held two nights ago. This is the first time that singers from four record companies Universal, Warner Music, Sony and EMI attending the presentation ceremony, several popular singers like Eason Chan, Hacken Lee and Kay Tse did not attend but EEGmusic, East Asia and Gold Typhoon Entertainment all won 10 awards each, Andy Lau won 6 awards alone to become the night’s biggest winner. Meanwhile, Joey Yung whom won 4 awards think that it was rather a cold event as those attended were mostly second line singers, luckily Andy also attended the event.

IFPI Hong Kong chairman Wu Yu urged new singers not to be late for events, be too proud, sing off key, choose assignments and tarnish their own images, he said that several artistes had made mistakes and got eliminated from showbiz. Andy disagree with what Wu Yu said about new singers singing off key. He said: “Who does not sing off key! This should not be discuss on stage, it will become a new talking point.” He continues: “Who didn’t sing off key, I also sing off key before!” Andy stressed that the problem of singing off key need time to rectify, he quipped: “I suffered for one year.” With regards to choosing assignments, he feel that new singers might not have the authority to choose assignments as all had been decided by the record company, the responsibility should not be shoulder by the new singers.

Andy said that he had not participated in this award for several years, but his company had registered for him this year thus he specially flew in from Changsha to attend.

It was earlier alleged that he’s getting married on 6 April in Malaysia, Andy was asked if he return to Hong Kong to attend the ceremony from Malaysia, Andy said: “Nope, I flew in from Changsha. Me getting married in Malaysia? I don’t know, you should have go and ask those people whom started the allegation! I’m not married!” It’s pointed out that online allegation of him getting married had been going for a long time, Andy said: “I know its had been going on for many years, but I don’t have a timetable to get married, I hope those who wrote it will explain, because some fans will be happy for me. If according to allegations, I’m already married for more than 10 times!” Andy stress that he still do not have enough love to let him get married.

With regards to Jill Vidal will be charged in Japan on 24 April for allegations of shoplifting and marijuana possession in Tokyo., Andy feel that it’s a pity as its hard to make up for one grave mistake, he feel that Leon Lai had did many things for Jill, but only outsiders could not see it. He said: “Everybody has their own ways of handling things, whatever you do will have people say about you. I’m in no position to say so much, I just feel that it’s a pity.”

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao,, Ta Kung Po, Apple Daily News, Sing Tao News