Andy need not compensate for damaged helicopter

According to Hong Kong media, as per required by the script Andy Lau made use of a helicopter when he location shooting in Taiwan for the film Island of Greed fourteen years ago, the helicopter went out of control thus damaging the propeller blade. Daily Air Corporation then seek NT$8.6 million compensation from Andy and the film company, yesterday the high court said that there is no prove to show that Andy had touched the control knob thus changed its initial verdict thus no compensation needed.

Daily Air Corporation general manager pointed out that when Andy jumped off from the helicopter, his huge movement resulting his left leg knocked the control knob resulting the helicopter to descend and the propeller blade hitting the lightings thus damaging it. However Andy said that it was knocked by “unidentified flying object”, the accident was not caused by him.

Andy lost the first two trials, but the high court changed its verdict yesterday (4 October) as it think that Daily Air Corporation kept repeating the reasons for the damaged propeller blade but unable to confirm that Andy had knocked the control knob, Andy is not at fault thus need not compensate, but appeal is allowed.

Daily Air Corporation general manager said yesterday: “The lawsuit had been going for more than 10 years, the lawyers fees had exceeded the repair cost of the helicopter, but we will appeal till the end.” The spokesman from ChinaStar who is in-charge of this lawsuit replied: “We respect the court’s decision, this shows that Andy is not in the wrong, if they wanted to appeal, they could go ahead.”

news and photo from:, Apple Daily News

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