Changsha shaken by Andy

Andy Lau held his concert in Changsha on 10 April, all 60,000 seats were filled up, more than 30 classic songs giving the audience top class listening experience, it also allow all to feel what it the true charisma of a heavenly king. In the more than 3 hours concert, Andy gave his best to perform, he thanks the backstage crew several times, the audience does not want to go home, all shouted out his name: “Andy Lau, I love you.”, Andy once again prove that he earned the title of heavenly king.

Many singers came to Changsha to perform, but few had sold out crowds. The fans of Andy ranges from young to old, in each segment of the concert, you can feel the fans’ united together. Whenever Andy sing, you will hear the reaction from the fans. Every questions asked by Andy, the fans will answer. This unity is the best present Changsha fans gave to Andy.