A Simple Life to represent HK for Oscar’s Best Foreign Language Film

Hong Kong Motion Picture Production Association had decided to pick A Simple Life which won the Best Actress in Venice Film Festival to American Film Institute as it will represent Hong Kong for Best Foreign Language Film in the 84th Academy Awards (Oscars).

According to Oscars’ regulations, all competing films must be screened in their own countries and America, thus the American Film Institute will arranged preview screening in America next month. Although the film scheduled to be screened in Hong Kong in March 2012, but to accommodate the regulations, the film already have low profile screenings of 20 seats in Hong Kong earlier. When reporter went to check on the film at UA iSQUARE, despite each ticket costing HK$90, the tickets were sold out every day, it had end its run on 24 September. The nomination list of Best Foreign Language Film will be announced early next year, expected to be on 24 January 2012.

Hong Kong Motion Picture Production Association chairman Hung Cho-sing revealed that members of the association feel that there are many outstanding Hong Kong films this year which includes Wu Xia and Overheard 2, A Simple Life managed to attain the highest votes, thus it will be representing Hong Kong for Oscars’ Best Foreign Language Film. Hung Cho-sing expressed that he hope that A Simple Life would be one of the final five nominated film and win pride for Hong Kong film industry.

With regards to which film to represent Mainland China, it was alleged to be Zhang Yimou’s The Flowers of War which beats Bai Lu Yuan, Sacrifice and Love For Life to represent China in Oscar’s Best Foreign Language Film.

With regards to A Simple Life being selected to represent Hong Kong for the Oscars, Deanie Ip exclaimed that she’s delighted and expressed: “I feel happy for the film and was delighted that I’m in the film.” Meanwhile a delighted Andy said: “Hope that the true feelings of the film would move everyone in the world, also hope that more people will know director Ann Hui, Deanie Ip and other outstanding actors in A Simple Life.”

news and photo from: Headline Daily, Oriental Daily, Macao Daily, Wei Wen Po, Hong Kong Daily, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao