Jay Chou’s Shengyang concert postpone, Andy’s concert becomes unique

If Jay Chou and Andy Lau to hold their concert at the same time, whose would you watch? Ever since Andy and Jay announced that they would be holding their concert on 22 April and 2 May respectively in Shengyang Olympic Centre, fans in Shengyang had been waiting for a “collision between Mars and Earth”. However reporter found out from Shengyang Performance Company that fans would not be able to see such situation as Jay’s concert will be postponed.

Ever since both of them announced news about their concert in Shengyang, it immediately catches the attention of fans. What people don’t understand is that there is hype around the announcement of Andy’s concert but a low profile announcement about Jay’s concert, it’s not sure if it’s to avoid a direct confrontation with Andy. With the dates of the concerts nearing, there are still no promotion of Jay’s concert. When contact with Shengyang Performance Company, it was said that Jay’s 2 May concert had been postponed without any concrete reasons given. Will this concert be canceled like the last time? The reporter was told that the organizer of Jay’s concert will be coming to Shengyang on Tuesday to discussed on the postponed date for the concert but for some reason they are still discussing.

The postpone of Jay’s concert is good news to Andy, although the organizer express that both group of fans would not have any confrontation but such large music event would not be missed by those whom love music. The reporter has understand since the launch of Andy’s ticket sale, it had been doing very well as some of the price range had been sold out. Without the “distraction” of Jay, believed fans would concentrate on Andy’s concert, this is also what Shengyang Performance Company wanted to see, as this is a concert tour as they don’t want to have a disappointment.

news from: http://www.liao1.com/