Complaints of no tickets for A Simple Life screening

After Deanie Ip won the Best Actress award with A Simple Life at the recent 68th Venice Film Festival, several audience would like to watch the film immediately to catch Deanie’s outstanding performance, the film company Bona Films arranged the film to be screened in Hong Kong in March 2012. However, in order to register itself for the Hong Kong Films Award next year, the film would need to have at least five ticket selling screenings to fulfill the requirement, thus the film company decided to have one preview screening each day for seven consecutive days in appointed cinema, but readers complaint that they could not buy any tickets.

Bona Film had two screenings in two 16-seaters halls at 7:30pm yesterday at City Plaza’s UA cinema and another screening at 4:00pm today, despite going online early to buy tickets, but they failed to do so and the readers suspect that the film company booked the cinema, the film tickets were not sold to the public at all.

When reporter contacted the spokeswoman Mrs Tung of the promotional company responsible for A Simple Life, she said: “We did not book the cinema, it’s sold out when people rushed to buy the tickets, we only have screenings at City Plaza’s UA cinema for two days, for the third day we will shifted the screening to iSquare cinema, will screen for five consecutive days one of the hall, the time will be 4:30pm, if the audience are to purchase the ticket online or queue at the cinema, they should be able to get their ticket. However due to the large number of Andy Lau fans, maybe they had already bought all the tickets.”

With regards to readers’ complaints that they are unable to buy the tickets for A Simple Life, the secretary of Hong Kong Film Awards Association expressed: “We will send someone to monitor online and at the cinema, if we find any violation, will immediately inform Hong Kong Film Awards Selection Services Section for a meeting to decide on the action to be taken, surely the public audience must be able to buy tickets so that it can be counted.”

news and photo from: Apple Daily News