Andy: I may not make it in time to have children

With the ongoing allegations of Andy Lau getting maried, when interviewed by the Hong Kong media earlier he expressed that he should have got married and have children earlier as he feel that it’s rather late now, he’s getting nervous what would he do if he do not have any children in this life.


He sighed that being an artist is difficult, it’s more difficult for the woman of an artist. However, he more scared of allegations: “I does not want everyone to know who is Andy Lau through allegations, also what I hope to do was not know by all as they only know my relationship with a certain person.”

Andy also admitted that he would love this and that when young, however when there are more work, he really have no time to love this and that. However all these years in showbiz, his name is only linked with Carol Zhu Liqian, some media even reveal photographs of his “daughter”. Andy said: “I’m not married and have no children. If I currently have children, how could I hide it for so long, it’s too depressing if the children being hide this way, I’m not such person.”

news from: Upaper