Deanie: Carol is a good daughter-in-law

Since newly crowned Venice Film Festival Best Actress Deanie Ip returned to Hong Kong, she attended several promotional activities. When interviewed by radio stations, when asked of her feelings on winning the award, Deanie sing praise of the superb acting of Andy Lau.

Deanie exclaimed that she’s not a person to get along easily, Andy and Patrick Tam are the persons that she could get close with.

After winning the award, she’s always in the news, the media even digged out her past love life and her life with her children. She has a son and daughter and does not avoid questions on her relationship with her children, she admitted that she does not have a close relationship with them as she has expectations from her children. She feel that a person need to seek improvements of oneself and not live without any targets, but youngsters does not like parents to nag at them as they have their own thinking. Although parents are doing good for them but they would find you irritating, in the end parents have to give in and keep quiet. Deanie admitted that her children does not wish her to nag at them but she does not wish them to make mistakes. Meanwhile when talked about her silver screen’s “oboedient son” Andy, the reason that she loves him so much is because that he’s a serious and a person with targets. She sighed that the world is like this, the person that you love the most normally have no blood connections with you.

Deanie also went on to sing praise of Andy married a good wife. With regards to when Andy hiding the truth that he’s married, she feel that he’s not doing any harm to people, she feel happy for him. With a “mother-son” relationship, Deanie also sing praise of Carol Zhu Liqian, “She’s the best daughter-in-law, nobody can be comparable to her! She’s pretty, hardworking, sociable, she’s also a good cook, she’s a perfect match for Andy.”

news and photos from: Headline Daily, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News,