Andy staying in hotel worth $10,000 per night

Andy Lau will be flying into Changsha in a private jet plane to prepare for his 10 April concert. The reporter managed to know from the organizer on 7 April that Andy will be having 5 bodyguards, nanny and close to 10 personal assistants, currently he’s staying in a 5-star hotel with the whole floor booked. Despite the commotion, crew members revealed that Andy is very friendly as he is not fussy on the vehicle, even eating the nanny’s lean meat soup and vegetable will do for him.

To packed all concerts within 2 months, 5-6 concerts each month, an average of 2 concerts per week. To ensure reaching each city to perform on time, Andy booked a small private jet plane, including the pilot, the plane could take a total of 10 person. Although flying in a private jet plane, Andy is not fussy of the vehicle as he’s okay with normal commercial vehicle.

Andy is staying in a 5 star hotel, the president suite cost $30,000 per night. According to Andy’s schedule, he will be staying in Changsha for 2 nights, the whole floor is booked as other than the president suite, there are also 11 rooms on the same floor, it would require $50,000 to book the whole floor. It’s understand from the organizer, when Andy check into the hotel, the whole floor improved its security with security guards patrolling. In addition, there are also 5 bodyguards protecting Andy for 24 hours, only “trusted” people could get near to him.

Andy’s healthy and tone figure is everybody’s talking point, the organizer revealed that all thanks to his secret recipe which is no oil, no salt, no starch, all meat must be skinned before boiling into soup. A relaxed crew member said: “Andy’s meals are in charge by his nanny, he eat normal food, meat soup to go with vegetables, it would give him energy and prevention of getting fat.” The nanny brought her own pot and bought her own meat.

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