Andy and Deanie: We’re friends but more like a couple

A Simple Life had received good feedback after its screening, as the foreign audience gave the film loud applause. Andy Lau and Deanie Ip who had a master-servant which is close to mother-son relationship in the film was interviewed by Andy was delighted that Deanie is able to be involved in the film, as he feel that “there’s no other person other than her”, when talked about their relationship, Andy quipped that they’re friends and more towards a couple.

As the producer of the film, Andy who was suggested by the male lead, he expressed that “able to complete the film is already my first dream”, when commented that he’s more active when he was in Venice last year for Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame, Andy explained because Detective Dee and other casts and the director are regulars, whereas Ann Hui is more shy, I feel that she should received everybody’s applause, if not she won’t feel the people’s true feelings for her.

Andy is delighted that Deanie committed herself for A Simple Life as he feel that “other than her there’s no other person”, they also share a close relationship in private thus with her real life experience she could understand the problem of people of two generations. With regards to his own performance, Andy feel that his character does not have any breakthrough as it only follow the footsteps of Tao Jie, thus Deanie will score more points than him. When talked about their relationship, Andy quipped that they are friends and more like a couple. (163): Coming to Venice consecutively, did you have a different feeling?

Andy (A): Not much difference. It’s good to see other countries productions, it’s doesn’t matter if I can’t come, because as long you do your part, it’s useless if you did not work hard no matter how many times you came.

163: Did you wish to collaborate with Ann after reading the script?

A: Nope, the script appeared because of Ann Hui, then we approached Deanie, I forced myself into the cast. (Did Yu Dong requested you to ac in the film?) Correct, if not he won’t invest.

163: Did Ann approached you or you are willing to help her shoot a film?

A: If only it’s her, everything will do for her, I just hope that others will support her, if not, there’s always me.

163: Did you pay attention to films that credited Andy as producer?

Deanie (D): Yes. (So your relationship are more like brother-sister or mother-son?)

A: Friends, more like a couple.

163: When collaborating, did Deanie gave any help to you?

A: If you had someone good opposite you, surely you will improve. Before going to act, I’m a person who will give many opinions but after I reached the set, I won’t talk, I’ll forget my own plans after communicating with the director.

163: Is it tough during shooting?

D: I’m not used when I’m in the nursing home, it’s quite dirty and un-hygienic, it’s the difficult part for me. (You went to a nursing home?) We location shooting in a nursing home, of course it’s really a nursing home.

163: So both of you really went location shooting in a nursing home, but when watching the film, it does not looked that bad, both of you looked happy in the film, have your own world, how you look at it?

D: I think it’s fine for some people, but when you see them in the nursing home, you will know that they’re sick.

A: I will feel uncomfortable seeing them everyday because I’m scared to see people falling sick, I’m afraid to see those people who are near their death, furthermore they does not have the ability to fight it. (Will you feel like crying?) I’ll feel the pain but won’t not cry, because I’ve witness such situation for many years, it does not show any improvements. I do not know why these places will allow them to live better. Recently didn’t we distribute money in Hong Kong, HK$6000, you will see one day that the elderly will be happy seeing their children, that elderly told me that the government did a good deed today, because her son who collected $6000 came to see her. She’s delighted, not because of the $6000 because the government distribute $6000 and her son came to see her. And you would know that you gave them a little, they will be delighted. At the end of the film, Tao Jie found out that Roger loved her, she feel blissful.

163: When shooting A Simple Life, is there any scene you feel like crying?

A: I feel that our film’s scenes will make you think a little, there is a massage her leg scene, during shooting made me remember that I did it before for my friends and family members. There a lot of such scenes, also the decision to be made whether to give her the breathing tube allowing her a slow death, we tried them, these feelings leaves deep impression. I recall, because I had similar experiences, thus no expression, because he carry a huge responsibility, you said to end her life, it’s difficult. (Will you feel very sad during shooting?) Yes, but I feel sad recalling those experiences, never put these sadness in the film, because it’s clear that we don’t have it.

163: During shooting, will discuss about life and death?

D: I think I never discuss with them. (Not willing?) Not that I’m not willing, it’s that never thought of discussing this topic. I thought of how to die, two years ago, the best well to die is during sleeping, donate everything to others, this is the most beautiful thing.

A: Nope, not that I don’t want to think, it’s meaningless to think, now only think of not to fall sick, and not about death or wanting to die.

D: Falling sick is tough on one, not troublesome.

A: Not talked about seriously ill, sometimes when not feeling well will have a lot of effects, the feeling is unbearable. It’s optimistic that she could accept the nursing home, it’ll be hard for me. She feel that she had no problems there, her time will be beautiful, it’s a NO for me.

163: As a producer, do you set any standard?

A: Take a look at the script, newcomers need to read the script. Then invite her to tell me how to shoot the film, actually the script is very important, how to handle the film is also very important. (Does producer need to consider how to earn money?) Therefore we need someone like Yu Dong.

163: There is a scene in the film where you collaborated with several directors to cheat Mainland China director to come out with money, it looked fun, had you encountered it before?

A: Yes. (It looked sad for director, really need to resort to this to raise money?) Just happened that we presented it out, if you’re saying that Tsui Hark need to put down his budget, some directors won’t. There are two meaning in this scene, allowing to see the difference between those directors whom any how spend money and those directors whom worked hard. (Had you encounter such directors before who wanted to up the budget?) If it’s don’t goes well will encounter, in the past I do not know that now when said that it’s $30million it would be $30 million, I feel that for the the film to stand out, we need some changes, what I feel need to add, I will spend money to do it. Because unable to control the $30 million show off their unprofessional side.

163: Several directors from Hong Kong and Mainland China joined in to cameo, did you invited them?

A: I only invited Chow Man Wai, Raymond, others are relations with the director, she’s good as she has better relations than me.

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