Andy: “Hard to win praise, easy to be condemned”

Coming to the end of the month, Andy Lau will be celebrating his 50th birthday. On the second day after A Simple Life’s premiere, he celebrated his birthday in advance in a Venice restaurant, he told the media present that he would try his best to fulfill his dream of becoming a director within these two to three years.

For the version of A Simple Life to be screened in Mainland China, Andy will dub his own character for the first time. He exclaimed that the whole shooting is too relax which he had never experience. “Plain” is Andy’s most obvious landmark in the film, outside the film, he forgo his own fees and in terms waited for the return from the film’s earning. He tried his best to ask Deanie Ip out of retirement, what he had did can exchange one word from us: Support.

Between 1998 to 2011, the Hong Kong actors that rule the Hong Kong film industry are Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu Wai in these 10 years. Tony continued his acting myth as he carried on giving hints to new actors on what’s acting. Meanwhile, other than maintaining his high production rate, Andy never stop nurturing new film directors and invested in films like Made in Hong Kong, Crazy Stone and Gallants which he left his mark with his name as producer. To be realistic, Andy had made more contribution to the Hong Kong film industry, take A Simple Life for example, although Mainland China’s Bona Film Group Limited is the largest investor (two third), however without Andy’s financial support in the first place and recommendation, maybe this film will be completed much later, or failed to get to $20-30 million budget.

Sohu (S): When you decided to invest in A Simple Life, is that you had read the script or based solely on your confidence in Ann Hui?

Andy (A): My company’s employees told me that director Hui had a script and I told them that I’ve 100% confidence in her, no matter what she’s shooting, will try to meet her requirements. Initially I thought this film will be shooting about me, then I found out it’s shooting a woman, then I feel that Deanie Ip should take up the role.

S: The budget for this art film can be considered as huge, did you hesitated about the money?

A: Nope, I did ask her how much money she need, Ann Hui then told me that she never had enough money when shooting films, I told her that it’s OK, I’ll satisfied her.

S: In the film, your acting feels very “plain” and not exaggerating, is this type of acting more difficult?

A: Actually it’s very comfortable. Actually when you look at the real Roger, he seldom have expression and emotions.

S: You had supported so many new directors and art films, I heard that in order for big companies to invest in these films, sometimes you would agree to their terms and conditions, for example accepting some film offers of these companies?

A: That’s not true, I won’t force people to invest in exchange for some conditions, basically I don’t need them to invest, but I knew some of my friends love this type of films, for example The Gallants and A Simple Life, I seldom exchange conditions, I don’t like this.

S: You mentioned about the success of Mainland China film industry and not following regulations, does this worries you?

A: Actually they have a lot of ideas, but they need some changes in distributing, it’s not balance between major productions and normal films, currently some budgeted art films are also earning money, but the quality does not match which made it hard for people to sing praise of you, condemning you is easier. Let Bullets Fly also earns its box office takings through word of mouth, this is a high requirement on distribution, don’t fight for screening slots and screened for a few days, some film’s reputation need to be nurture slowly.

S: The market is widening, more large productions are looking for you, it’s more beneficial that shooting A Simple Life, how you balance yourself in accepting films offer?

A: Basically for those films with special theme, I’ll try to get my company to invest, if it’s other companies’ productions, I give up my asking fees, they might not use it on production, thus I feel more safe if it’s my own company.

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