Andy: Not afraid of age and death but afraid of illness

A Simple Life is the tenth time that Andy Lau collaborate with Deanie Ip, they were mother and son several time in their previous collaborations. In real life, they maintained a relationship close to mother and son. Deanie had always looked at Andy as a kid, if Andy was to have a moustache, Deanie would not be used to it and think: “Why this kid look like that?”

In A Simple Life, Andy’s Roger and Deanie’s Tao Jie have a special relationship, Tao Jie had worked in Roger’s family for 60 years, when she suffered a stroke and unable to take care of herself, instead Andy took care of her, console her as he accompanied her through her last period of her life.

This Ann Hui’s latest film made many reporters teared, especially female reporters. When reporters asked him which scene will make people cry, a serious Andy said, this film does not make anybody cry. The film concentrates on elderly as it made one think of living, ageing, falling sick and death. Andy expressed that he’s not afraid of death but scared of fall sick. Being a Buddhist, he answered every question smoothly, no more or less. It seems that Andy is rather familiar with the sutra.

As the interview was carried out along the beach, insects came to disturb, thus when Andy and Deanie had to deal with the insects when answering questions on life, falling sick and death, it’s a meaningful scene. (QQ) : I watched the film and feel that Deanie did very well, have chances of winning an award. How are you going to celebrate if you win?

Deanie (D): I’ll think when I win.

Andy (A) : (Played out to be angry) So you meant that I’m not good in my acting?

QQ: You scared me. Andy, you gave Deanie a kiss on her birthday, so if she was to win an award, what you prepared for her?

A: Nothing, it doesn’t matter. I recognize her performance, I feel that it’s hard to excel against others, therefore this time round, when I knew that the film is nominated, I feel that she stand a chance. If we fail to win an award, maybe they gave us a miss.

QQ: Both of you always collaborated as mother and son, after so long and collaborate as mother and son again, since when you feel that the relationship is back?

A: Let’s talked about mother and son, this close feeling had never left us. In real life also feel that this elder sister is so troublesome. (burst into laughter)

QQ: This time round your performance presented some magical feelings, take for example you eating ox tongue with friends at home,they were joking and chatting on the phone, your expression is magical, not much expression but the message is very rich.

A: The director told me after shooting this scene that I’m Roger. We shot this scene around the fourth or fifth day. For that scene, I need to eat ox tongue, she prepared for me on the day she suffered a stroke. Life is like that, many things could happen, maybe they are laughing, I’m thinking what’s happening in my home, everybody is the same. After that scene, the director told me, she believed I’m Roger.

QQ: Did you feel that you’re been reduced in this film?

A: Nope, no addition nor reduction for me. At the beginning of this film I thought of how am I going to act, after communicating with the director and found out what are the requirements of the director, follow my life, you cannot have more or less.

QQ: I always thought that you would cry, but till the end you didn’t cry.

A: You can’t cry, I only cry in one scene, but it was snipped. (Which scene?) It’s when I put her coffin onto the vehicle, there’s no one, it just rained, her photograph was drenched, that moment I cried. From the first day I saw Tao Jie fall sick till she passed away, never cried once, till I helped her go through that period of time, because I feel that I need not cry for that period of time. Till she left and cremated, that moment I cried.

QQ: That scene was snipped, what a pity.

A: No need, because this film motive is not to make you cry.

QQ: In the film, you pushed Tao Jie around, wipe her saliva for her, then walked to the rubbish bin and paused for a while, this pause made us feel that it’s good, it made our hearts paused. This is your own idea or the director’s idea?

A: I also forgot. I feel that performance is the interaction of emotions, when I reached that moment, I feel that what it should be like. I don’t know whether the director had said that, when I feel that it should be that way, thus you shall pause, went back and cried.

QQ: This scene almost made me cried.

A: This film does not make you cry, this film make you to reflect. The aim of this film is not on reasoning on emotion, it allow one to reflect.

QQ: The film talked about elderly, so are you afraid of ageing?

A: I don’t mind, nobody can run away from ageing. But you can’t escape from earning something without doing anything. I don’t mind, but similar to Deanie, you must have a respected life. I feel that health is very important, of course health will fade along with age. Therefore one need to show love, everybody needs love. No matter how strong are you, you still need love.

QQ: Would you think about life, ageing, falling sick and death because of this film?

A: I take life, ageing, falling sick and death as per normal since young, how I put it, now I’ve aged, began to discover that people around me like my uncle had passed away. When I’m young, my uncle is like 34 years old, I have a close relationship with him. Till my age now, suddenly discovered that he had left me. You will discover, actually in life, the person who appeared today might be gone the next day, then you should take the chance to tell him that you love him.

I have feelings towards illness, I’m not afraid of age, I’m not afraid of death, but very afraid of falling sick. Illness make one lose respect.

QQ: But it seems that you are very healthy.

A: That’s why I’m afraid, thus I’m very strict towards my health.

QQ: So if both of you reached the stage of Tao Jie, whom you wish to accompanied you by your side?

D: I don’t wish to trouble anyone, no need the trouble, I don’t like bringing trouble to others.

A: If one day I’m about to go away, I will choose to do it quietly and go away lonely. I don’t wish to see people don’t bare to see me go, I really don’t wish to see it. We can’t choose life, death and falling sick, you don’t know when you will go away, you would not know which day, which month or which year. Thus, it’s hard to say.

QQ: You had said before that it’s difference reading the script and acting it out, what’s the difference?

A: When I read the script and feel that it’s an exciting film. After shooting, I’m alive and die once. It’s like life start and end there. Never expected that film is like that.

QQ: What’s the meaning in life that film bring to you?

D: I feel that if I can donate my things before I die, it would be meaningful.

A: Then donate money to me.

D: I don’t have money, haha.

QQ: Other than serious themes in the film, there are many relax areas. Like after Deanie watched the premiere, she said that she thought that many went to the toilet and not return. Is this designed by Deanie?

A: Every premiere is like that.

D: I didn’t think of it myself.

QQ: It’s seems that the mischievous Deanie is back. Then she recommend the film to all netizens.

D: Right, you should go and watch the film.

A: This film is about life, if you respect your life, you can give this film a try and watch it.

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