Good responses made A Simple Life into dark horse in Venice

A Simple Life which made its premiere at Venice Film Festival received good feedback, when told of the news, Andy Lau was delighted. He also followed Taiwanese films and he sing praise of Seediq Bale reaching international standards, he was curious with Giddens Ko’s You Are the Apple of My Eye, he also could not forget the “love hug” from Lin Chiling seven years ago!

Andy who was in last year’s Venice Film Festival with Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame, with two films competing in the festival these two years, his popularity accumulated as he would walked to the side of the aisle to wave to the audience whom reacted with screams when he walked down the red carpet displaying his international superstar charisma, he could also used English to answer foreign reporters’ questions.

It was a full house during the premiere as director Ann Hui expressed: “It’s been 20 years since I watch my film in the cinema, it just feel strange.” There were two rounds of applause which lasted four minutes, Andy said thanks to the audience and added: “I’m also touched for the director!”

According to media reports in Venews, A Simple Life was ranked third among all the films that had been screened in the festival. It is said that 5 foreign media gave it 4 stars (full marks is 5 stars), whereas only one gave 4 stars for Seediq Bale, it was an eye catching result, thus the films are being compared. Ann Hui expressed: “Actually our sound production were passed to Tu Duu-Zhi, didn’t find out more but it’s a great film, no need for comparison.” The audience had gave it 7.1 points, which is 0.8 points lower than the current highest point film Roman Polanski’s Carnage, lying at third.

Initially A Simple Life was said to be also-ran in the festival but seeing the response from the audience after the premiere, it’s now tipped to be a dark horse which stand a chance of winning award(s). Andy expressed: “Deanie’s performance is outstanding, the other competitors are also strong, but still believe that this film will make breakthrough, because no other films of similar theme as ours in this festival.”

Director Ann Hui expressed that since her film had been nominated, of course she hope to win an award but she also sing praise of Seediq Bale: “It’s a good film! There are a total of 22 films competing, I won’t treat other Chinese films as competition.” Andy also gave a positive feedback: “I had watched the trailer, Seediq Bale has international standard, suitable for film festival.” Andy also followed Taiwanese films as he kept asking reporters how You Are the Apple of My Eye and Jump Ashin!fared at the festival.

Andy last collaborated with Deanie in The Unwritten Law and The Truth during the 80s which is around 20 years ago, Andy expressed that he accepted A Simple Life because of the director and Deanie. Meanwhile Deanie expressed that she made her return to the silver screen because of Andy, she quipped: “Andy had matured, his acting improved, I never praise him in the past because he would feel proud!” Actually Deanie’s performance also won praise from the audience as they were touched to tears by her convincing acting, she’s tipped to win the Best Actress award, Andy also tipped Deanie to win it.

Andy’s next film project would be collaborating with Lin Chiling in Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, he would go to the gym to train his muscles as he would be a special agent in the film which he would spy war with the drawing bandit played by Chiling. However, in real life Andy still could not forget the love hug that she gave him during the 41st Golden Horse Film Awards presentation ceremony in 2004, he said: “I still remember the hug, it’s a pity I didn’t have another one after that!”

In addition, former Director of Broadcasting Cheung Man-yee specially flew to Venice to support Andy.

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