Andy: “My performance has improved a lot.”

A Simple Life which is directed by Ann Hui premiered at Venice Film Festival on 5 September, during the official press conference, Andy Lau rated his own performance: “My performance has improved a lot.”

A Simple Life is an art film with Andy and Deanie Ip as the main leads, Deanie is Tao Jie whom had worked in Andy’s family for 60 years, when she could not take care of herself after suffering a stroke, she was sent into a nursing home. Andy visited her at the nursing home and when she was about to pass away, Andy accompanied her and console her.

Andy said that the film has a huge influence on him. When he received the script, he thought that it was an art film because the script is about the relationship between him and elderly, however after he watched the film, he think otherwise, “What I saw and heard is totally difference from what I had experienced.” The experience in the film made Andy feel that he need to maintain his relationship with people around him. Meanwhile the film gave him an indication that simple things are more important that anythings. Andy also feel that his performance had improved a lot.

When answering reporters’ question on “what is a good film”, Andy quipped that he’s still looking for the answer as sometimes he feel that it’s good, others might not think so, therefore everybody will try their best to shoot a good film, everybody can shoot “a good film”, whether the film could touched people, Andy feel that it’s affinity.

A Simple Life is the third film that Andy collaborated with Ann, he recalled that it had been 20 years since he last collaborated with Ann. However, Ann confirmed that it is 30 years. Andy then added that he was referring to Zodiac Killers in 1991 and their first collaboration was Boat People in 1982. Andy who was one of the sponsor of A Simple Life quipped that he spend money to become the male lead.

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