Andy bare chest in Changzhou concert

“Waited for a long time, finally waited till today, dream for a long time, finally the dream come true….” Last night (5 April 2009), close to 30,000 fans partied within Andy Lau’s familiar and classic love songs at Jiangsu Changzhou “Bird Nest” Olympic Stadium…..

When he released his A Miracle World album last year, Andy personally sewn 2 soft toys and named them Andox and Box as he named them as his sons. He brought his 2 sons onto the stage and also show off his tone chest, that follows with a hot dance with female dancers wearing a navy uniform.

There are five segments for the concert which includes two musicals which are “red and white roses” love triangle and “Cowboy Weaver” love story. In other segments, Andy appeared in golden amour, clown, white suit and other costumes.

In the more than 2 hours, Andy sang many of his classic songs that he sang since 17 years old, they are ‘Zhong Guo Ren’, ‘Wang Qing Shui’, ‘Lai Sheng Yuan’, ‘Xie Xie Ni De Ai’, ‘Lian Xi’, ‘Ben Xiao Hai’, ‘Nan Ren Ku Ba Bu Shi Zui’, ‘Yi Qi Zuo Guo De Ri Zi’, ‘Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian’ and many others. Andy is indeed a king in showbiz as he used his songs to create another kingdom! Whenever the music sounds, the audience will sing along, they also gave their idol loud applause and Andy shouted: “I love all of you” in return to thanks their love.

Andy’s Wonderful World equipments are stunning as the giant LCD screen imported from Japan is able to display “retro streets”, “angel spreading his wings” and many other stunning and beautiful effects.