A Simple Life trailer released

Directed by Ann Hui, A Simple Life which has a cast of Andy Lau, Deanie Ip and Qin Hailu released its first trailer. It is an art film that reflect Hong Kong’s special mother and son relationship.

In the (around) 2 minutes trailer, other than Andy and Deanie getting together again for “mother & son” scenes, Qin Hailu, Anthony Wong, Paul Chun also appeared in it, Tsui Hark, Sumo Hung and the boss of Polybona also cameo in the film.

A Simple Life narrates the master-housemaid relationship between a young master – Roger growing up in a large family and the housemaid whom took care of him since young.

The idea of shooting of this film is brought up by film producer Roger Lee Yan-Lam as he always wanted to bring his story with his housemaid onto the silver screen, finally he approached art film expert Ann Hui to direct, invested by Andy’s Focus Film Limited, it would be different from other Focus’s films – Made in Hong Kong and The Gallants because the boss cast himself in the film, he also managed to invite his long-time screen partner Deanie Ip.

Some 20 years ago, the mother-son combination between Andy and Deanie in The Unwritten Law and The Truth which touched audience to tears, created miracle in the box office among similar theme films. With the two collaborating again in A Simple Life, will this true story between master and housemaid touches the audience again?

At the end of August, the film will compete in the Venice Film Festival. The film company had revealed that director Ann Hui, Andy Lau, Deanie Ip and Qin Hailu would attend the festival as the film compete for the Leone d’oro.

news and photos from: Mtime.com