Andy did not recognize Jeffery Huang in Future X-cops

Jeffery Huang, Ma Ju-Lung, Jam Hsiao and others were invited as guest for Variety Show of Mr. Con & Ms. Csi as they talked about their funny experience in acting.

Jeffery revealed that he idolized Andy Lau thus he “took money out of his own pocket” to collaborate with his idol in the film Future X-cops, however he did not get a scene opposite Andy. Compere Dee Hsu was amazed as she quipped that Jeffery indeed was in the film as she initially thought she saw the wrong person.

Jeffery whom joined the shooting for 4 days but heavenly king Andy did not recognize him as he only treated Jeffery as any other extras, when he found out, he invited a delighted Jeffery for a meal. He said: “When I first started I thought he knew who am I, then one of my friend came for site visit and introduce me to him, he then knew who am I, so he had been treating me as other extras. After knowing it’s me, we dine together, initially I was eating packed meals.”

Jeffery quipped: “I knew Andy will be involved in Future X-cops, I then fight for a police character role, I paid for my own air ticket, hotel accommodation in Beijing, but I do not have a scene with him, I only managed to stand behind him.”

Andy was helpful as he requested the director to add screen time for Jeffery which he rejected and his words seems to indicate that the box office taking will not do well, he said: “I can said that we can do this and that in acting, but thinking the box office will….”

When Jeffery exclaimed that he was one of the cast in Future X-cops, it gave compere Dee Hsu a scare as she thought she mistaken, she said: “When I watch the film and thought if that person is Jeffery Huang? When he was died within three seconds, but I think with his status he would not have accepted such a role.”

When asked of his experience of collaborating with Andy in a film, Jeffery quipped that he was satisfied and anticipated the chance to collaborate with him again even he had to pay his own expenses, he said: “Now I’m waiting to act opposite Chow Yun Fat and Jet Li, even I had to pay my own expenses.”

news translated and photos from: Epochtimes, Yahoo! news, China Times,