3.5 million hits on Andox blog

Recently Andox had started his own blog. Within one day it manages to get 3.5 million hits which is a new record for blog hits. Being a blog of a imaginary idol, Andox showed off his cute and mischievous side in the “new post” Andox has new blog, he joke and discuss showing off his children side. Andox uploaded a “high technology edited and precious” photo as he made an April Fool joke. In the end, he also did not send his regards to his “mummy” Andy’s Foshan concert.

Once the blog had started, it immediately got Andy and Andox-Box fans support, many fans exclaimed that it’s “cute”. The hits kept increasing my 10,000 every hour, less than 24 hours, that particular post become the highest hits among blogs.

news from: China Daily Times

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