Hardworking heavenly king: Andy Lau

Andy Lau is always touted to be the most hardworking artist to the extend of forgoing resting and sleeping, he tried shooting three films at the same time, three months without going him, he even suggested to participate in action scenes. He will be introduce in the second episode of The Four Heavenly Kings Special on the Biography Channel which will narrates how he started from the artiste training classes and venturing into the music and film industry.

Film director and producer Daniel Yu Wai-Kwok and Andy were classmates of Ke Li Secondary School, they joined the school’s drama society, Daniel revealed that Andy love to imitate Chow Yun Fat, he said: “I remember that we imitated Chow Yun Fat along the corridor in school, he did very well, I believe he is a born actor.” Later, Andy registered himself into TVB artiste training classes, he rent an apartment near to the station after graduation, Daniel revealed: “The owner of the apartment told Andy: “Chow Yun Fat stayed in this apartment previously, now you’re staying here, you will become a superstar in future.”, we were happy upon hearing it.”

After his contract with TVB expired in 1986, he ventured into the film industry as he collaborated with director Wong Jing in Magic Crystal. Wong Jing said: “He’s initiative, loved to joke and participate in action scenes. He wanted to be like Jackie Chan to be involved in action scenes, but I told him that he’s different from Jackie as the audience love to watch you beaten up, especially the female audience as they will feel sad when you’re beaten up but they loved it.”

Andy’s hardworking attitude once again proven in the interview with Teddy Robin. Andy’s first film is a minor role in 1982’s Once Upon a Rainbow which Teddy Robin is the producer, they collaborated again in 1988’s Three Against the World, Teddy Robin expressed: “Some people said that he’s a workaholic, I feel that he’s a very hardworking person. When shooting Three Against the World, he told me that he was shooting three films at the same time, thus he had not went home to sleep for three months. I asked him: “Don’t you need to sleep?”, he told me: “When the director shouted Cut, I’ll sleep”, he would also sleep during car ride to the shooting venue or during setting of the lighting at the set, he would be energetic when he woke up.”

In the 80s, with the encouragement of George Lam, Andy ventured into singing as he released his first album in 1985 with lukewarm response, he later won the recognition of fans and won numerous music awards, however Andy revealed that he was nervous during his first concert in Hong Kong: “I’m very nervous during my first concert in Hong Kong, because I have no confidence, so nervous that my hands was shaking, I will be nervous when I’m not prepared.” His singing is always being criticized, Teddy Robin said frankly that Andy is not a top notch singer: “He does not sing well at the beginning, to me, he can’t be considered as a outstanding singer as of today.”

Being a hardworking artist, why he didn’t venture into Hollywood? Daniel revealed: “In 1991, he received a Hollywood script to play a villain, a Chinese villain in America, he does not want to take up such character.” Why he did not try out as a director? When interviewed, Andy said: “Up till now, there is still yet a script that I feel that I could do better than other directors. I hope for a chance to direct, till now I still don’t think that I can do well.”

The programme Four Heavenly Kings: Andy Lau would also talked about his love life which includes his relationship with Yu Kexin and the secret marriage with Carol Zhu Liqian. In addition, there is also talk about his unhappy side in showbiz which includes being forced to shooting under threat by the triads.

news and photo from: metrohk.com.hk