Andy self admit he resemble Sun Yat-sen

The film – The Founding of the Party opened in the cinema on 15 June, a literature book of the same title was also released, the reporter went to Culture and Art Publishing House to interview the book’s author Gao Rui Feng as he narrates to the reporter many background stories.

On the first day of shooting for Andy Lau, he was shooting the scene of a seriously sick Choi Ock paying a visit to Sun Yat-sen house. The scene was shot indoors, according to the script, it was snowing outside the house thus the crew members install “snow” on the floor and trees, prepared snow machine. After trying out the scene, Andy went to watch the playback and asked director Han Sanping: “Do I resemble Sun Yat-sen.” Han Sanping answered: “You resemble too, but Sun Yat-sen need to be fatter, thus you more resemble Choi Ock.”

In the film, Choi Ock will wear a western suit, an army uniform and a long coat, Andy had never tried the last two outfits thus the costume crew members brought them for him to try out, they prepared five hats for him.

Han Sanping exclaimed: “You are more handsome when compared to The Founding of a Republic, wearing this long coat, you looked like a triad killer of Once upon a time in America!” During the actual shooting, Han Sanping personally push the trolley, it was successful after two attempts. A delighted Han Sanping then asked Andy: “I did well in the pushing?” Andy quipped: “I think I act well.”

For the scene of a seriously sick Choi Ock visit Sun Yat-sen, he got agitated and resulting to spiting of blood. For this scene, the close-up scene of a bloodied hand was completed by a body double’s hand, Andy was not around when shooting this scene.

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