Anita Mui’s mother revealed her love history

Late Hong Kong singer Anita Mui’s mother, Tam Mei-Kam had not given up her contesting Anita’s will for her estate was estimated to be worth HK$100 million in the past seven years, her latest appeal in May was turned down. Despite being 88-years-old, she exclaimed that she will not give up appealing. In order to raise funds for the lawsuit, she planned to released a book which will revealed her privacy. When talked about her love relationship, Tam expressed that Anita loved Andy Lau the most in her life.

There was allegation when Andy and Anita collaborated in a film in 1990, Tam said that Anita gave up after she knew about then Andy’s steady girlfriend Carol Zhu. “Among all her male friends, she loved Andy Lau the most, she always wanted to be together with him. Suddenly one night she told me: “Mum, I’ve gave up! Andy had told me that he already had a steady girlfriend,” Anita even personally jet over to Malaysia to understand more of the matter!”

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