Andy accompanied Angelababy and cried 9 times

Directed by Han Sanping and Huang Jianxin, The Founding of the Party will open in cinema nationwide in Mainland China on 15 June. Earlier director Huang Jianxin was interviewed by as he talked about the selection of actors, fees of actors and the distribution of scenes to the actors. (N): There was a drama scene which leaves the most impression to audience, that is the scene between Choi Ock and Siu Fung-Sin.

Huang Jianxin (H): That scene was shot with the classic way of shooting in Hollywood films, be it the lighting and camera angles. The scene with Andy Lau and Angelababy.

N: In the life of Choi Ock, why there is only one outstanding drama love relationship scene?

H: This is to bring out the specialty of this character. At that time he has a blossom friend – Siu Fung-Sin, it’s incredible if you wanted to investigate deeper. Choi Ock passed away in Japan, a mourning hall was set up in Beijing, a woman dressed in black appeared on the last day of the funeral to present numerous white flowers, she then disappeared, she is none other than Siu Fung-Sin. It can be said that this woman do not appeared at all after Choi’s death.

N: Why this scene is not shot?

H: We need to check many history books to find out about this character. He’s always being monitored, Siu Fung-Sin shielded him. In our first draft of the script, we initially had a scene where Choi Ock was under house arrest in Beijing but was later release in fear that he would revolt. Choi sang Beijing Opera everyday when he was under house arrest in Beijing, we did not shoot this scene when we felt that it’s not that good. We only shot the farewell scene which is more touching.

N: Why Angelababy was approached to be Siu Fung-Sin?

H: Don’t you find that it’s a more meaningful combination? That time Fan Bingbing was in Korea, thus need to change the casting, thus we thought of using a new face as it would looked better. Angelababy was introduced to us, we find her Ok as we have an impression of us after watching Hot Summer Days, feel that she fit the role.

When shooting the farewell scene, it was chaotic at the shooting scene, a lot of people and noisy, she found it hard to get into the scene. We started shooting at 5pm and still shooting at 3am. I told Andy: “You must lead her.” Therefore Andy accompanied her to shoot and cried for nine rolls of films. She finally got into the scene as she specially came over to tell me that she was touched by Andy in the end as witnessing the extend that he cried, she was touched. During the test screening, the audience feel that Andy acted very well for that scene as they feel that it can be considered as one of the best scenes for him in recent years, Andy was speechless when told.

Meanwhile, the film company recently released some war scenes photographs of Andy and Liao Fan. In the photos, Liao Fan was covered in mud while Andy looked very sick which strike big contrast, the soldiers standing behind raised their flags and ready for battle.

Updates: It is understood there is a large scale battle scene in the film, it’s the battle to protect the country between Andy’s Choi Ock revolt against Chow Yun Fat’s Yuan Shikai declaring himself as Emperor. One of the main scene “Battle of Cotton slope” where Liao Fab’s Zhu De fighting against Ray Lui’s Wu Peifu. With Zhu De’s bravery and Choi Ock’s leadership, they were victorious and successfully protect the country.

When asked about “snatching the limelight” of Andy, Liao explained: “Choi Ock at that time is already very sick, he would not be able to fight alone in the battlefield, I remember many netizen comment that his eyes don’t looked bright, actually it was required by the role.”

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