Lu Chen sing praise of Andox and Box magic performance as “perfect”

Earlier Andox and Box appeared at Hunan TV’s Kuai Le Da Ben Yin, their active character and cute image leave a deep impression to everyone. When the programme was broadcast, the crew member of Hunan TV received many calls from audience saying that both of them are really fun and cute, they did not have enough of them as they wanted to know more about them. Thus under the arrangement of Beijing JISHEN, Andox and Box once again venture into Changsha to appear in Hunan TV magic show Mission Magic Gold as they record the program with Taiwanese magician Lu Chen.

Mission Magic Gold is going to pick 12 magicians to form a magician group with Lu Chen for a tour throughout China. Lu Chen is the judge for the programme, Andox and Box were invited to be the finale performer for the first round of selection. Andox and Box made their appearance when a giant red balloon suddenly exploded and a banner wishing high viewership for Mission Magic Gold is pulled as they show off their wishes for the programme.

Many audience applause and screamed when they see them, their active and cute image is unstoppable. Even foreign judge Mirko ran onto the stage to hug them, he also danced with them, it can be seem how much they are adored. The compere Wong Han said that this is the first time that he saw judges did not care of their image to participate in the programme. Even the normal quiet Lu Chen even applause at Andox and Box’s performance, using the word “perfect” to describe. This can be seen the impression and influence left on Lu Chen.

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