Andy and Angelababy as lovers in The Founding of the Party

Emperor Motion Pictures’ The Founding of the Party which boast a cast of close to 200 actors from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, they includes Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau, Liu Ye, Fan Bingbing, Angelababy, Chen Kun and many more. Director Han Sanping and Huang Jianxin made the historical figure more humanize as they added some love elements which are touching and romantic thus making the film more fruitful and complete, audience are highly anticipating the film.

In the film, Angelbaby was blessed to be cast as Siu Fung-Sin who has several scenes opposite Choi Ock played by Andy Lau. With regards to this, she said: “As a newcomer to the film industry, I was surprised when I was told by the director that I’m invited to join the cast of The Founding of the Party, I always admire Andy, unexpectedly I got to act opposite him, this made me nervous and excited.”

It was said that during the shooting of the film, she also had other commercial and modeling commitments at the same time, but she did not made any complaints as she put her best to the role, willing to sacrifice her resting time to do well for her character. She quipped: “My schedule was very tight, even no time to try out the makeup, just confirm the dressing in the afternoon and went straight into shooting with Andy the same night. The makeup artist just did my hair, stick on the retro fringe, everybody on the set feel that I looked like Hollywood star Audery Hepburn, however I personally feel that I look more alike to Nalakuvara (Né Zhā). ”

For Andy’s image as general Choi Ock, he had to stick a short moustache, wore a hat but still looked handsome. For his farewell scene with Angelababy at the railway station, he wore a long coat, gloves and leather shoes. He sing praise of her with regards to his first collaboration with Angelababy: “For a newcomer, she acted very well for the film.”

There was a crying scene as Angelababy teared to bid Andy farewell. Initially it was a good chance to show off her acting abilities, however she failed to cry.

In the scene, both of them couldn’t bare to part with one another, when Andy turned his head, his eyes were already red and tears started flowing. Andy acted well but the tears failed to flow for Angelababy, the director had no choice but to stop shooting to ask her: “Need our help to give tears?”

Angelababy had no choice but to nob her head to request for help. Andy did not mind and offer his help to her. For the same scene, Andy helped Angelababy applied eye drops several times, even Best Actress does not have such luck.

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