Andy became the young monks’ hero

Andy Lau Unforgettable Concert World Tour 2011 Mainland China was staged at Quanzhou, Fujian two nights ago, it was also the last show of the 11 shows in Mainland China.

For this concert tour, there was an intimate story in the backstage. After collaborating with the young monks in the film Shaolin, Andy had built an close and strong relationship with them. Other than participating in the 20 nights of concert in Hong Kong, the young monks also performed in the 11 shows in this Mainland China tour.

One of the young monks gave Andy a present before the last show at Quanzhou. When Andy opened the present, he found out that it was a limited edition Ngog Fei (Yuè Fēi) stamp album, there was a slip of paper in the album with the writings: “Andy, Yue Fei is the hero of our hometown, as a present for you, you’re also our hero.” These words touched Andy.

In addition, during the earlier show in Wuhan, the temperature reached the highest in history for May as it read 36.1 degrees Celsius as Andy quipped: “Wuhan has the most ‘re lei’ (hot/warmest) welcome for me, it rekindle the flame in my heart which couldn’t stop it from burning….”

However, on the day of performance, the temperature dropped to the lowest in history which read 14.7 degrees Celsius. Andy was wearing short sleeves and shorts the day earlier, he switched to thermal wear, wore snow hat and gloves during his rehearsal. It was a 21 degree Celsius difference in temperature, he quipped: “It seems that the heaven wanted me to cool down, it gave me the lowest temperature at the same to allow my high enthusiasm to cool down.” The drizzle also stop before the concert was due to start as a surprised Andy thanked the love from heaven.

news and photos from: Wei Wen Po, Headline Daily, Ming Pao