Unforgettable Concert drew its curtain in Quanzhou

The eleventh and final show of Andy Lau Unforgettable Concert World Tour 2011 Mainland China was staged last night (31 May 2011) at Straits Sports Center in Quanzhou, Fujian. It was the largest concert in Quanzhou in recent years, in order to welcome the arrival of the heavenly king, the Quanzhou authorities had set up twelve temporary car parks around the roads of Straits Sports Center. Traffic restrictions were applied between 1700 – 2300 hours on the day of the concert, audience need to arrive at the Sports Center in an allocated time, those whom drove also need to park their vehicles during the allocated time.

People started to arrive at the Straits Sports Center in the early afternoon, around 1500 hours, ten thousands of people marched towards the sports center as they got prepared for the largest concert in Quanzhou in recent years.

Around 2000 hours, it was officially announced that the concert had started which the audience replied with loud applause, Andy whom was dressed in white soon made an appearance singing ‘Gu Xing Lei’ in the midst of loud cheers, screams and applause. The audience kept taking photographs with their cameras and mobile phones, some fans even brought banners with writings of “Come for a hug”, “Love you 10,000 years” as they kept waving to catch Andy’s attention, he smile at them to say thanks.

For the opening, he sang ‘Gu Xing Lei’, ‘Tian Yi’ and ‘Xie Xie Ni De Ai’, followed by ‘Jin Tian’, when he sang to the chorus ‘Deng Le Hen Jiu Zhong Yu Deng Dai Jin Tian, Meng Le Hen Jiu Zhong Yu Ba Meng Shi Xian’ (literally translated as Waited a long time till today, dream for a long time for dream to come true), the audience immediately sang along which touched Andy as within the concert’s opening of 10 minutes, the audience already got into the mood.

A mischievous Andy asked the audience if they got caught in traffic jam when coming to the concert, he quipped: “As it’s a superstar’s concert, of course there will be traffic jam!”

One classic hit followed by another, ‘Tian Yi’, ‘Xie Xie Ni De Ai’, ‘Lai Sheng Yuan’, ‘Wo He Wo Zui Zu De Meng’, ‘Zhong Guo Ren’…. Andy was drenched in sweat and it touched the audience as they teared as if it was raining.

Andy also brought some props for the concert as he rode on a “horse” to sing ‘Wu’, the theme song for the film Shaolin, it followed by riding a motorcycle to sing ‘Yi Qi Zuo Guo De Ri Zi’ as if bringing everybody back to A Moment of Romance 20 years ago!

When seated quietly and singing ’17 Sui’ which narrates the changes of Andy in showbiz for the past 30 years, the giant screen showed Andy teared as some of the fans born in the 70s and 80s also teared as they had accompanied their idol for 30 years.

As it was the Southern part of China, he included Min Nan (Hokkien) song ‘Shi Jie Di Yi Deng’ into his song list, he quipped: “If I did not sing this song, all of you would not let me off.” Andy even said ‘Gong Xi’ (Congratulate/thanks) in Min Nan to send his greetings to the Fujian fans, he thanks the fans for the many years of support and wanted them to continue support him in the next 30 years, he said: “Many thanks for supporting me for 30 years, I still wanted to see you in the next 30 years.” He also did a 90 degrees bow at every corner of the stage to thanks the fans’ support.

During encore, many fans rushed towards the stage to pass bouquets of flowers and presents to Andy, with the crew members receiving on his behalf. Andy dressed in pyjamas sang ‘Du Zi Qu Tou Huan’ as he dance with the dancers while singing.

Not wanting the concert to end, male and female fans kept screaming: “Andy Lau, I love you.” After finished singing the last song, Andy said: “What is it… don’t bare to leave?” Andy then continue to sing a few lines of ‘Xin Zhi You Ni’ without music to give a perfect end to the concert.

news and photos from: ifeng.com, news.163.com, pic.music.sohu.com, sina.com.cn