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Yesterday, Andy Lau’s blog found another home in another website. Although there is only his “son” Andox but it still attracted many Andy’s fans to browse the site.

In the blog, several photographs of Andy with Andox and Box are pasted. The 2 “sons” are rather eye catching as they address Andy as “mummy” which surprise everyone. Actually they are created when Andy was planning for his album A Miracle World, he spend a whole day “creating” them while location shooting in Gansu for Three Kingdom: Resurrection of the Dragon. Andy claimed that he would like to have the feeling of being a mother.

Currently as special performing guests, these two “sons” will be appearing in Andy’s upcoming Shenyang concert. Andy always don’t invite any special guests, but he allowed his two “sons” to accompany him throughout his tour, he also want his “sons” to “gain more experience”. Andy quipped: “My “sons” are very cute, surely everyone would love them.” Andy is also actively giving them to do some commercials deals.

As Andy is preparing for his concerts and the tickets has been selling well, this means that the 22 April concert shall not be missed.

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