It?s still explosive despite Andy?s fourth time in Chongqing

“Friends of Chongqing, I’m back!”, after this familiar regards, Andy Lau whom was dressed in white gown being lowered from the sky, he made his return to the city to meet his friends with familiar tunes after two years. Last night Andy Lau Unforgettable concert was held at the Olympic Center, the 50,000 strong audience leaded by him sang for a total of 4 hours. In order to thanks the fans’ enthusiasm, the 50 years old Andy tried all methods to “act cute” as he threw tantrum, act handsome and even joked that he wanted to elope with fans….many of the fans shouted out: “Wah Zai, you’re too cute!”

At the opening of the concert, Andy immediately show off his heavenly king charisma, from ‘Gu Xing Lei’ to ‘Tian Yi’ to ‘Xie Xie Ni De Ai’, everybody sang along with him. However, Andy felt that such enthusiasm was not enough as he kept looking at the fans when he sang ‘Tian Yi’, he threw tantrum asking the fans to applause: “Let me feel the enthusiasm!” He even instructed the fans: “Please don’t take photographs, everybody raised up your hands, accompany me and raise up your hands.” After 30 minutes of the concert, Andy felt that the enthusiasm was still not enough as he said: “Every artist standing on the stage wanted to sing the audience willing to applause for him, hopefully when you hear this song, please raise your hands and applause!” With the applause of the audience, he sang ‘Zhang Sheng Xiang Qi’.

Despite the strong wind and cold weather, Andy was still drenched in sweat, after wiping off the sweat from his eye brow with his finger, he asked the fans: “Will this do? Do I look good?” The fans reacted and screamed: “You looked good! Whatever you do looked good!” He wiped off the sweat off his right side of his face and asked: “Do I still looked good even though I’m drenched in sweat?” The fans reacted with screams, however Andy was still not satisfied as he said: “All of you allowed me to feel that I’m the most handsome man in the world. If you see another male who is more handsome than me… all of you..” Andy broke into laughter and continued: “please kill him! From 2011, nobody is more handsome than Andy Lau.” In the following part of the concert, he said: “Please entrust to me the remaining time! No money, look for me! No husband, look for me! No wife, look for me!” These words made the fans screamed out loud again.

During the concert, Andy did not forget to interact with the fans. There was a fan whom screamed: “I wanted to marry you!” Andy exclaimed: “So wild at such a young age, you wanted to marry me, why you wanted me?” He then quipped: “Today I can’t marry you, but I can do secret relationship or elope.” Since he revealed his marriage, many fans gave him their blessing, this touched Andy, he said: “Everybody’s contribution towards me, I can feel them, please accept my thank you. I’ll still be Andy Lau in my next life, I’ll lead a happy life, thanks everybody!”

For this concert, Andy invited the late Michael Jackson’s dance choregraphers to choregraph dance for him. During last night’s concert, he pulled open his clothes to show off his chest and abs, this made many fans shouted out: “Strip the clothes, strip!”

On the 3D giant screen, it broadcast images of Andy when he just entered TVB. Andy said: “Actually in these 30 years, I can see all of you slowly grown up, from young to old, from slim to fat, in the past some girls dared to hug me, not they don’t dare. We still hope that we can still walk together…I hope to use this song to introduce myself, I’m Andy Lau, I enroll to training class when I’m 17 years old, I’m handsome in the past, now I’m a superstar…” The fans shouted out loud: “Old and handsome!” When singing ’17 Sui’, Andy’s eyes are red as tears started flowing down. The audience also broke into tears as they sang along.

Other than interaction with fans, he also put in effort to the concert’s details as he put scenes from two of his films onto the giant screen. When the giant screen show Chinese drawings, Andy appeared riding on a horse, which is his image in Shaolin. When the screen show his scene with Wu Qien-Lien of A Moment of Romance, he appeared on stage riding a motorcycle, it attracted screams. For Andy, these 2 films represent the different from him being young and old. It seems that fans are able to see the growth and changes of Andy in the past 30 years.

Two years ago, Chongqing fans’ enthusiasm gave him a deep impression, returning to the city, this is where he’s proud of. Since the opening, he sing praise of the fans: “You are so cute. Your cheers are terrific! I wanted to thanks all Chongqing fans!” There were some overseas fans among the audience, Andy also did not forget to send his greetings to them: “Overseas friends, must really enjoy the enthusiasm of Chongqing fans!”

During the concert, many fans brought bouquets of flowers to to the stage, Andy would always walked forward and kneel down to receive the flowers. Other than bouquets of flower, there were also soft toys, “I love you” flower board formed by roses, there were also flower rings which Andy wore round his neck, he said: “Tonight is the only concert that I saw the most flowers.”

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