18-years-old Carol photos revealed!

Carol Zhu Liqian, the alleged woman behind Andy Lau had always been a mystery in showbiz, born in a wealthy family, she gained her fame when she participated in a beauty contest when she was 18 years old. After befriend Andy, she became “invisible” for 20 years. All these years, the media describe Carol who was “hiding behind Andy” for more than 20 years, other than mystery, the impression she gave was gentle and low profile, however before befriending Andy, she was rather social active.

Carol’s dialect is Hokkien, born in Malaysia’s Penang state, she moved to Kuala Lumpur with her family since young, she’s the fourth among the 5 daughters in the family, the 5 sisters are like “5 golden flowers”, with their family backgrounds, they catches the local’s attention. Her father is a seafood restaurant businessman rather than the alleged wealthy man in Malaysia, however the family can be considered as middle-range well-to-do family. As the family leave their hometown early, thus people in Penang has no impression of them, “Can’t remember, they had went to Kuala Lumpur for 30 years.”

According to the Malaysian local media, a secondary school student Carol was rather pretty in 1983, together with her elder sister, they participated in a beauty contest organized by Malaysian top notch magazine among Chinese xinchao, her sister became March Miss. xinchao while she failed. In 1984, 18 years old Carol joined the xinchao cover girl contest and became the July Miss. xinchao with a total votes of 5369 votes. In 1985, she came in third in the Miss. xinchao contest. After getting her fame, she completed her secondary school studies and did not further study.

According to an experience reporter of xinchao magazine, “Those few years, we can always see the 3 sisters from the Zhu family dressed up, whenever there is a beauty contest, they will be there.”

From our understanding, Carol is not the gentle and low profile as per described by the media, she’s a out-going and outdoor person as when she first met Andy, she frequent Disco to dance. An insider revealed that Carol has a cheerful character, just a small worry (checking her details for the beauty contest, she like to use the catch phrase: “troubled”). Carol loved to swim outdoors, loved to drive and enjoy dance and song performance. Having a slim figure, other than watching dance song performance, she also loved to dance, she was once a dance instructor to teach student dancing, she was adored by students with her friendly and gentle character. Her younger sister revealed: “The youngsters during that time love to dance in disco, when we first befriend Andy whom was in Kuala Lumpur, we would dine together, chit chat and dance in disco.”

Carol can be considered as rather pretty when she was 18 years old with her silky long hair and a pair of huge eyes. When asked of her boyfriend requirement, she revealed that her boyfriend should be someone like her idol Andy Lau, she added: “In order to win the heart of a man, you must first fill up his stomach.” Carol loved to eat, you can say that she specialize in eating. Other than eating, she also has interest in cooking. According to insider, she can be considered as a beauty whom can “walk out of the living room and walk into the kitchen”.

Carol had always been a fan of Andy. According to reports, Carol had mentioned during her Miss. xinchao contest: “My favorite artist is Andy Lau, if look for life partner should be his type.” In 1986, she manage to befriend Andy, then allegations of them getting married, have children but she only kept quiet and even “disappear into thin air”.

news from: tom.com, ent.163.com