Teary Angelababy bid Andy farewell

Close to 200 actors in the film The Founding of the Party, many of them are female actresses which includes Best Actresses Fan Bingbing, Zhou Xun and Hong Kong actresses Michelle Ye and Angelababy.

Angelababy had the luck as her character Xiao Fengxian got the chance to act opposite Andy Lau’s Choi Ock in several scenes. She was surprised when told of the invitation to join the cast of The Founding of the Party, she was nervous and excited that she got to collaborate with Andy. She said: “I always admired Andy, never expected that I have the chance to act opposite him, this made me nervous and excited!”

Meanwhile Andy was all praise for her. Being a newcomer, there was a scene whereby she bid farewell to him at the train station, she needed to display the sad emotion. She could immediately get into the role and teared, the scene touched Andy. He commented: “For a newcomer, she expressed herself very well in the film, one of the scene which narrates her bidding farewell to me at the train station, she need to display the sad emotion, she was so involved and broke into tears, it touched me.”

news and photos from: Hong Kong Daily, Headline Daily, Sing Pao, Apple Daily News