Andy sang for 30 years in Wuhan concert

After 7 years, Andy Lau returned to Wuhan as his Andy Lau Unforgettable Concert World Tour was held at Zhuankou Sports Center. Despite the sudden drop in temperature, the fans’ support for the heavenly king’s return did not dropped, with the 90% attendance, the box office came on top among the recent concerts held in Wuhan.

At the concert’s opening, 3D animation started playing on the giant LED screen which is of the same height as the stage, one robot bird flying in a chaotic environment, followed by scene of a robot manufacturing factory, one need not wear 3D glasses to experience. “I’m coming”, Andy descend from the sky, he started off with classic songs – ‘Gu Xing Lei’, ‘Tian Yi’ and ‘Xie Xie Ni De Ai’.

The beauty of the stage was stunning. From the opening’s outer space to the Chinese oil paintings, to the classic films’ footage, the stage was a perfect combination with the songs and dances. When singing ‘Zhong Guo Ren’, the blue-and-white porcelain background. When the music of ‘Wu’ sounded, Andy made an appearance dressed in all white “rode” on a “black horse”, the bamboo and clouds combined into one. When singing ‘Bei Yi Wang De Shi Guang’, Andy played with laser show, the visual effects drawn the attention of the fans.

The most explosive segment, of course belonged to the dancing. When singing fast tracks like ‘Da Yan Jing’, blue tuxedo with sunglasses, performing Michael Jackson’s dance, unbutton his shirt to show off his abs muscles, which made the female fans screamed out loud. Some female fans even cheered: “Strip! Strip!” Facing the chants from the fans, a mischievous Andy replied: “You strip, I’ll strip, you’re so plump, you dare to strip?” The fans burst into laughter, maybe due to the cold weather, he did not strip.

Coming to Wuhan, Andy expressed that the fans had many different ways of addressing him, some addressed him as “Wah Zai”, “De Hua”, some even addressed him as “Lao Gong” (Husband). He knew that many fans would like to elope with him, he burst into laughter and quipped: “Why wanted to elope with me, we can just be (underground) lovers.”

During the concert, the fans’ support for him is undying as when he heard fans shouted: “Andy Lau, I love you”, he would showed off his smile. He teared when he sang ‘Ni Shi Wo Yi Sheng Zui Da De Jiao Ou”.

Andy had many interactions with the fan. When singing Stand Up, he invited the fans to dance to the beat, when singing ‘Wang Qing Shui’ and ‘Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian’, he divided the fans to left and right to PK their singing as if in a ten thousands KTV. During encore, he wore pyjamas and sang ‘Du Zi Qu Tou Huan’, looked handsome and stylish. When the close to 3 hours concert came to an end, the tired Andy threw tantrum at the audience as he lied on the stage, “All of you cheered for me and I’ll stand up and continue dancing!”

This being his 30th anniversary in showbiz concert, it attracted many audience born in the 70s and 80s which Andy had accompanied them grew up to came to listen to him sing. It was a joyful atmosphere throughout the concert. When he transformed into a racer and sang ‘Yi Qi Zuo Guo De Ri Zi’, it’s like turning back the clock, bringing the audience back to the days of A Moment of Romance, with the background playing the classic movie scenes, audience got to see the young Andy, it made some fans teared.

Whenever he finished singing one song, Andy would recall the past with the audience. He talked about being 50 years old and still have so many fans supporting him, he started to tear. At the end of the concert, he sang the much changed ’17 Sui’, a classic image of his 30 years in showbiz flashed on the screen, Andy choked. “Those friends whom came here, no matter you support me for 10, 20 or 30 years, please pass to me your next 30 years, I’ll accompany you another 30 years, can I?” His honest declaration exchanged the fans’ tears and agitated cheers.

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