50 years old Andy’s concert at Chengdu

“Sichuan, Chengdu, how do you do? I’m back!”, Andy Lau Unforgettable Concert World Tour was held and kicked off around 8pm at Chengdu Sports Center last night. It has been 4 years as heavenly king Lau staged a concert again as he lead the audience to sing together. When Andy appeared riding on a motorcycle wearing a motorcyclist racer costume, several fans were touched till they teared.

When the concert started, the special 3D effect animation immediately made 40,000 in the venue “exploded”, one robot bird flying in the midst of chaos, before bringing out the whole robot manufacturing factory, you will get the personal experience without wearing a 3D glasses. Andy then appeared suddenly on the tip of the LED screen to sing ‘Gu Xing Lei’. The blue-and-white porcelain during ‘Zhong Guo Ren’, bamboo, mountain and river animation, Andy wearing all white, riding on a black “horse” making porno another entrance, it mixed well with the giant screen animations. During ‘Wang Qing Shui’, the red gold fish swim with the guidance of the ink brush.

Even though Andy is already 50 years old, but his charisma on the stage remained. When singing fast tracks like ‘Da Yan Jing’ and ‘Bu xu Yao Ai Qin’, Andy danced Jazz, one of the segment he wore a tuxedo and performed classic dances of the late Michael Jackson. Andy even unbutton the tuxedo and showed off mobil porno his toned abs muscle which attracted loud screams from the audience.

When singing ‘Yi Qi Zuo Guo De Ri Zi’, the audience was brought back to the days of A Moment of Romance. On the giant screen Jacklyn Wu Chien-lien was wearing wedding gown as the passenger of Andy’s motorcycle, several fans broke into tears.

According to insider, the attendance exceeded 95%.

news and photos from: Sina.com, ent.scol.com.cn, yule.sohu.com, tieba.baidu.com