Andox and Box will sing ‘Zhong Guo Niu’ at Shenyang concert

Currently the Shenyang concert tickets are selling fast. Reliable sources from the organizer that Andy Lau will be bringing his 2 “sons” to Shenyang as he will be sharing the growing up stories of his 2 “sons”, he would also allow them to sing ‘Zhong Guo Niu’ during the concert.

Talking about the two “sons”, there is a story to it. On the eve of 2007’s Mother’s Day, Andy was location shooting in Gansu for the movie Three Kingdom: Resurrection of the Dragon, when planning for his new album A Miracle World, he had an idea and used one day to sew his first “son”: Andox. In order not to let Andox lonely, he designed his younger brother Box. As Mother’s Day is round the corner, he told everybody that Andox and Box should address him as “mummy”.

Currently Andox and Box are very popular throughout Asia. Other than creating these two “sons”, he also gave each of them different character. It seems that whatever public appearance Andy made, he would bring the “live” Andox and Box along with him, they are also entrust to make the atmosphere more high. Likewise, Andy will bring them along for the 22 April Shenyang concert as they will be performing together for the audience.

Products of Andox and Box are also very popular among fans, when Andy was asked who are behind the costume of Andox and Box by the media, Andy or his management company representative will say that Andox and Box are two children full of energy.

Andy had signed up Andox and Box with a Beijing company last year end, the company tailor made a song ‘Zhong Guo Niu’ for them, it’s a song full of cartoon flavor, they will be singing the song at the Shenyang concert.

Andy also mentioned that Andox and Box has the potential to be a star as they can show off their own charisma.

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