Andox and Box

Andox and Box are born in Gansu Dunhuang in 2007, one in white and another in black which represent upright in the way of Tai Chi.

Taurus Andox is more gentle, determine, silly and cute. Being white in color, he’s more fuzzy as he does not understand the gray world but he has a good understanding in culture and knows how to reason, when encountered with issues he like to think in hope of solving it with the best solution but he’s always like a child and will ask many questions.

Cancer Box is in the opposite as he is more active, smart, modern, handsome, act cool, love to woo girls and loved to show off. He always think that he could solve all problems as he always solved half the problems. He loves sports and follow the latest trend, being healthy and stronger, he also took the initiative to protect elder brother.

The 2 brothers are completely opposite of each other as one in white and one in black, one quiet and one active.

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