Unforgettable concert tickets selling out soon in Chengdu and Chongqing

In the hot May, there is a high anticipation which is May 27 Andy Lau Unforgettable concert in the Olympic Center. Following his shows in Beijing, Shanghai and Zhengzhou, words of mouth of the highly charged atmosphere had been spreading among fans. From our understanding, the tickets of the concert had been sold out, meanwhile the organizing committee is working hard to protect the benefits of those fans whom had purchased the tickets.

Andy would be staging his concert in Jiangyin today. For the cities that the heavenly king went, fans could be considered lucky if they managed to buy their tickets, some fans whom missed the chance for some reason would set their sight of the concert tickets of another city. After his concert in Jiangyin, Andy would prepare his concerts which are next in Chengdu and Chongqing. Following his normal practice, his crew members would be arriving in the next few days to set up the stage in the venue. Some of the fans in Chongqing could not wait as they set off to Chengdu to watch the concert. From our understanding, it’s the same organizer for the two concerts in order to make it easy for fans of both cities.

For the ticket sale in Chengdu, grandstand tickets priced at ¥180, ¥280, ¥380, infield tickets priced ¥680, ¥880 and ¥1080 had been sold out, VIP tickets priced at ¥1980 are selling out fast, only few tickets remaining for the other price range. Fans whom wanted to watch the concert had to act fast to avoid disappointment.

With temperature raising, the ticket sales got explosive. Chongqing fans are known to be enthusiastic, thus they would use the most enthusiastic way to support their idol. According to the organizer, all the grandstand tickets had been sold out, only a few infield tickets priced at ¥1880, ¥1580 and ¥880 remaining, other price range tickets are sold out.

In order to protect the fans’ benefits, the committee specially remind fans that the tickets are “3-in-1”, any part damaged or missing, they would not be allowed to enter, no exchange of tickets are allowed. In addition, the committee also wanted to protect the privileges and safety of the audience, there will enforced securities to prevent anyone from entering the venue by unlawful means and maintaining orderly in order for fans to enjoy the concert without any worries.

news and photo from: ent.163.com, www.cqcb.com