Andy’s heavenly queen treatment for his mother

When Andy Lau married his long-time girlfriend Carol Zhu Liqian two years ago, he became a husband but there is an identity that belongs to him forever, that is a filial son. Everybody knows that Andy is filial to his parents, he still insisted to stay with his parent after his marriage.

Andy is always concern of his mother as he always praise her beauty which delights her, it is because Andy feel that the first word of every child would be “mommy”, because the mother always take care of her children and managed their lives, contributing unselfishly, with Mother’s Day round the corner, Andy had prepared a present for his mother. He said: “I believed in the heart of every mother, the most glamourous heavenly king and queen definitely be their own children, the most important woman in my life definitely will be my mother, even though I’m no longer a small boy, but to my mother I’m still a boy as she will be worried about me, afraid that I’m too busy and did not take care of myself, sometimes I’m worried that she would add pressure to her mentally and physically.”

Andy expressed that he had been working very hard for years and seldom at home to accompany his family, but his mother did not complained, it happened that he is the spokesman for a massage chair thus he seize the chance to give her a uDivine as Mother’s Day present, he said: “My heavenly queen will always be my mother, this chair suits her.” Andy revealed that his mother used the chair every night when watching TV, it seems that she loved this present.

Andy who is currently in Mainland China for his concert tour expressed that his family is used to not celebrating festive days on the actual day, on this year’s Mother’s Day eve, he would be in Shanghai for his concert, thus he decided to celebrate with his mother when he’s back in Hong Kong in June, he said: “My mother does not blame me, she told me when one family can sit down together and dine, chat, everyday can be Mother’s and Father’s Day.”

After his concert tour, Andy will start shooting a Johnnie To directed film where he collaborate with Sammi Cheng followed by recording for his new album.

news and photos from: Apple Daily News