An emotional Andy sang in Tianjin

Two nights ago, Andy Lau Unforgettable Concert World Tour in Tianjin was held at the Olympic Center Stadium. Depending on his superman charisma and singing ability, the experienced Andy charmed the audience especially when he showed off his toned abs which attracted screams, he also sang ‘Zhen Ai Wu Tai’ to express his love for the stage. Facing the Tianjin audience, Andy teared and shared his 30 years feeling in showbiz.

On the night of the concert, when the audience was screaming when the space scientific film was played on the LED screen, Andy whom was dressed in white suddenly appeared at the top of the stage. Since the beginning of the concert, it stirred up the emotion of the audience, be it ‘Bing Yu’ or ‘Zhong Guo Ren’, every song will made the audience to sing along. Facing the enthusiasm of the audience, he choked a few times, he said: “Think of it, time really flies, so fast one year had passed, with a blink of porno izle an eye it’s 30 years. In the past I never thought that I would walked till today, now my wish is: hopefully you will continue to accompany me till tomorrow.”

When singing the theme song for Shaolin – ‘Wu’, Andy dressed up as a white general and riding on a “black horse” which once again attracted screams. When he sang his classic hits like ‘Wang Qing Shui’ and ‘Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian’, the 40,000 fans sang along, the enthusiasm of the audience made Andy said: “The weather is very cold tonight, now I’m feeling better, all thanks to everybody’s enthusiasm.”

The audience got excited when Andy who was dressed in motorcycle racing gear appeared on a motorcycle. After he sang ‘Wu Jian Dao’, ‘Bei Yi Wang De Shi Guang’ and ‘Wo He Wo Zui Zhu De Meng’, a touched Andy said: “I still wanted to see you in my next 30 years.” It followed by Andy porno indir singing ‘Bing Yu’ in mid-air as the fans cheered: “Andy Lau, I love you!” Andy was touched by the fans as he choked several times and he specially dedicate ‘Ni Shi Wo Yi Sheng Zui Da De Jiao Ou’ to the fans whom supported him.

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