Andy concentrate on acting in the year of ox

The reporter of Macao Daily managed to meet Andy Lau at the makeup room during Alan & Hacken 2009 and an interview was arranged. Andy’s assistant called the reporter the next day and the interview was carried out in a hotel’s VIP room.

This year is Mainland China’s 60th anniversary, there will be several movies to be based on this. John Woo is preparing a movie titled 1949 and has approached Andy. Andy had read the script and shown his interest in one of the characters but nothing had been confirmed. However, Andy had already agreed to be cast in a new Tsui Hark movie, shooting will start in May. Andy being an actor with box office credits, the reporter was told that Andy wanted to help Tsui Hark shoot a movie that earns money.

Since entered showbiz, Andy had never shot a Tsui Hark directed movie, so why the sudden collaboration? Andy said Tsui Hark approached him and he always admire Tsui Hark but just that they don’t have the chance to collaborate, therefore he agreed immediately when Tsui Hark approached him. When asked in what areas does he admire Tsui Hark, he said Tsui Hark is a talented director, he had discovered his talents in The Butterfly Murders, followed by his successful films in A Chinese Ghost Story, The Legend of Zu and others, he loved all these movies. However, Andy loved Tsui Hark’s Butterfly Lovers the most.

Andy loved to give his opinions to the director at the set, thus will he be giving any opinions to Tsui Hark? Andy burst into laughter as he would not dare giving any opinion to this grand master as he’s too good! He hope that the movie will could make it in time to be screened during the Christmas holidays and have good box office takings to make money for Tsui Hark.

When talked about his plans for this year, Andy expressed that after his world tour in March and April completed, he will concentrate on acting as acting will be his main job this year. He had a high chance of being cast in 1949, when asked if he understand the history of 1949? Andy said that he did studied history, he read those stuffs related to him as he would read to kill time during free time when shooting, he also intend to invest in a historical movie about issues that happened after 1940.

news from: Macao Daily