Andy not adding any show for his 2011 China concert tour

Hong Kong heavenly king Andy Lau’s Unforgettable 2011 Shanghai concert will be held on 7 May, the reporter found out that Andy had already postponed all work not related to his concerts as he is currently doing his final rounds of rehearsals with his crew in Hong Kong.

For the performance quality, Andy will not consider adding any more shows to his Shanghai stop. As the concert is to celebrate his 30th anniversary in showbiz, thus he would make sure that his performance made the audience high from the first minute till encore, there will be a surprise during the opening as he would use ‘Tian Yi’, ‘Jin Tian’ and other songs that fans are familiar with into a new melody.

The reporter found out that there will be staging concerts in 11 cities nationwide for this tour, the ticket sales are doing very well as most of the tickets had been sold out, most of the organizers requested Andy to add shows and hope that he could consider. After much consideration, Andy made an announcement that being his 30th anniversary in showbiz, thus his music album, films commitments and concert tour schedule had already been fixed in 2010, his Mainland China concert tour will be from 23 April to 31 May, a total of 40 days, an average of one show every 4 days, more new work commitments had been arranged after the concert tour, therefore he could only followed the pre-arranged schedule in 11 cities. In addition, for the quality assurance of each concert, he would not considering adding any shows, it would be final that there would only be 11 “limited edition” shows for his 2011 Mainland China concert tour, those fans in cities that are not included in this tour would have to wait for the next planning.

As this Unforgettable concert is to celebrate his 30th anniversary i showbiz, therefore Andy instructed the director to include his classic hits for the past 30 years, 50 songs had been picked from the more than 100 music albums and 1000 songs to his name, but considering the three hours performing time, therefore some of the songs had been re-arranged into melodies. Andy expressed that concert is for the fans to watch and thus would not consider his own preference as he think a successful concert must allow the fans to have the high feeling from the opening till encore. The organizer of the concert revealed that although Andy wanted the song selection to be kept secret but wanted to bring surprise to the audience, but it was said that the audience will be surprise with the new arranged melodies which includes ‘Tian Yi’, ‘Jin Tian’, ‘Lian Xi’, ‘Bing Yu’, ‘Chang Mian’ and other familiar songs, fans had to be punctual in order not to miss any moments of the concert.

Meanwhile, Andy World Club had organize a charity event for their idol, the club started a blood donation drive in hope that all could reply the World Blood Donor Day on 14 June as they do their part for charity. In addition, the Shanghai concert organizer would also use concert tickets as a small reward for those citizen whom donate blood. During this activity, members of Andy World Club would actively take part in blood donation activities as the Shanghai concert organizer will give out one concert ticket each day to the first donor each day at Shanghai (Red Cross) Blood Center.

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