Andox and Box to accompany “mum” in all 9 cities

Andy Lau 2009 Wonderful World Mainland Concert Tour kicks off on 20 March in Guangzhou Olympic Stadium, Andox and Box sang and danced, being the sons of the heavenly king, they would be accompanying Andy throughout the 9 cities as to protect “mummy’s” showbiz evergreen status.

Andox and Box were born in Gansu, Dunhuang in 2007, Taurus Andox is more gentle, determine, silly and cute whereas Cancer Box is more active, smart, modern, handsome and loved to show off. The 2 brothers one in white and one in black, one quiet and one active.

On 28 December 2008, Andy brought Andox and Box to appeared in Mainland China showbiz for the first time, the event was the contract signing of breaking into China’s showbiz. At the press conference, Andy even expressed: “I hope that everybody will like them.”

Like their mother, the two of them break into showbiz had already become Hong Kong, Taiwan and South-east Asia idols, they had made appearance in Andy’s A Miracle World press conference, Andy Lau’s 2007-2008 concerts and Andy’s 2008 birthday party, we can say that they would appear by the side wherever Andy goes, their high popularity even made Andy said: “I’m just jealous of them!”

As the special performing guest of Andy’s 2009 Wonderful World Concert, they prepared to show off their talent. Box will perform a hot dance plus somersault, where he will feel dizzy after performing. Andox will perform split legs, after performing Andox will always have difficulties getting up to win laughter from the audience. When Andy sing ‘Hoi San De Ma Lau’ will made Andox and Box danced till they’re tired, they would tell the fans that they had a supper date with Andy as “mummy” love fans more than son would asked the fans to go supper along with him.

During the concert, the sons and “mother” would sing and dance together, when the classic song ‘Gu Xin Lei’ sound, Andy will “fly in mid-air and meet the rest of the audience”, the 2 sons will guard the stage to sing along, asking the audience to cheer, this became Andy Lau 2009 Wonderful World concert tour highest point.

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