HK media alleged Carol successful in IVF

Recently Andy Lau accompanied his wife Carol Zhu Liqian back to Malaysia to pay respect to ancestors, he showed off his love for her as he built a human wall around her with his assistants in order to protect her. Hong Kong magazine reported that Carol’s In vitro fertilization (IVF) is successful as she went back to her hometown to thank god.

Andy who revealed his plans of “making babies” in 2009 had changed his frequency of body check-up once every 6 months to once every 3 months. His good friends Sandra Ng and Kelly Chen had also recommend the doctor known as the “infertility specialist”. The couple knew that it’s unstable for the early stages of IVF, in order to prevention suffering miscarriage like Kelly, thus they are very careful.

Andy is worried of Carol going back to Malaysia thus he took time off to accompany her as he protected her with his assistants.

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