Andy admit not a talented composer

Being a singer-composer came into interest during these few years, actually in 1990 good friend Siu Mei encouraged and supported Andy Lau to composing his own songs which kick start his singer-composer path, till today he had compose countless songs.

When shooting TV drama, nobody would wanted Andy to sing the theme song, thus he compose ‘Ru Guo Ni Shi Wo De Chuan Shuo’ which was not used. Later he understand that being his first attempt at composing and not being used was nothing wrong, thus he included that song in his album.

With regards to his first Cantonese lyrics and was being used was ‘Jue Wang De Xiao Rong’, then he was good friend with Siu Mei whom encouraged and supported him thus increase his interest in composing, Andy said: “When I was composing in the past, most of time I would like to write out my own story which concentrate on love, later I feel that I could broaden my topic and write out lyrics of different style, it would depend on my work load to see how much I can spend on composing, the most important thing about composing is to say out what I wanted to say.”

Currently Andy will look at everything and tried to write them into songs, take for an example Andy witness a male friend helping a woman to give birth, as if his friend transform into a different person, being a man, why would he kept repeating himself? Thus Andy wrote down such situation in order to allow him to express the different feelings of him towards different people.

Although had been composing for quite a long time (close to 20 years), but he did not gain any success with composing and said he’s not a talent in composing: “Actually composing can be very bland, dull color, very rough, take Sam Hui’s composition for example which are very realistic, Cheng Kwok Kong’s lyrics are beautiful and poematic, actually there are many different ways to compose a song, can be full of vocabulary or using vulgarities to express.”

news from: Sing Tao News