Monk advised Andy how to become father with adoption

It’s alleged that it’s Andy Lau’s eagerness to become a father that he adopted Carol’s niece as his god-daughter during the Chinese New Year.

Since 50 years old Andy and Carol Zhu Liqian registered their marriage in 2008, in order to become parents, they accepted artificial insemination, seeking help from Western and Chinese doctors. They also became vegetarian on the lunar first and fifteen of the month and now became long term vegetarian in order to become parents. It was alleged that Carol to be successfully pregnant last year but it’s just pure allegation.

The couple whom had been following Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva was advised by a high monk as they underwent an “adoption for children” ceremony as they adopted Carol’s newly born niece.

According to Sudden Weekly, Andy was advised by the monk: “It’s destined that it would be difficult for Carol to become a mother, thus suggested that they could adopt a newly born and then bring a Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva home and then carried out a religious ceremony.” It is said that this ceremony could increased their chance of becoming parents.

“Andy whom is always very low profile naturally does not wish the adoption to be found out, he also does not wish to adopt any children and coincidentally that Carol’s younger sister borne a daughter in July last year. Seizing the Chinese New Year, he made a secret trip back to Malaysia with his wife for the adoption ceremony.”

The insider continued: “The ceremony is very simple, just drink tea and distributing of red packets before dining together, very low profile. However it was said that Andy’s red packet worth 6 figures.” Andy treated his adopted daughter very well as he kissed and hugged her, showing off his fatherly side.

It was said that Andy whom was in Malaysia last week, other than tomb sweeping and also paid a visit to his god-daughter.

The insider revealed: “Andy adored his god-daughter very much, after the ceremony, he must have more contact with children in order to increase his affinity with children, thus the couple will try to squeeze out time to visit their “daughter” in Malaysia. When carrying her, he showed off his fatherly side as he hug and kissed her as if she was his real daughter!”

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