Andy: Don’t lose to sadness

Hong Kong showbiz will held the Artistes 311 Love Beyond Borders tonight to raise funds for the earthquake victims in Japan. Upon activation, other than more than 100 local artistes, Japan’s Masatoshi Nakamura, Sen Masao, AKB84 members – Maeda Ami, Umeda Ayaka, Sakiko Matsui, Korea’s Wonder Girls, Kwon Sang Woo, Taiwan’s Sky Wu will specially jet over to Hong Kong to show their support.

Several other artistes from Japan and Korea had arrived in Hong Kong. Masatoshi Nakamura and Sen Masao had already arrived in Hong Kong last night. Masatoshi Nakamura was touched by the caring Hongkongers, he sighed that his hometown Miyagi had been wiped out and he could not contact with his friends. Sen Masao’s hometown – Iwate also suffered the same fate and he expressed that he hope that everybody could help. Korean female group Wonder Girls also arrived in Hong Kong yesterday and no fans welcomed them at the airport but several tourists did recognize them.

The event will be held from 7:05 – 10:05pm, the comperes Eric Tsang, Sylvia Chang, Agnes Chan, Carol Cheng had proof read their script yesterday. Eric revealed that there will be 150 hot-lines in total, 140 Cantonese and 10 Japanese. On the artistes, he said that Korean Kwon Sang Woo will attend, whereas Kondo Machihiko, Lionel Richie and Kelly Chen had already recorded their video to show their support for the victims, the artistes that are representing Hong Kong would be Andy Lau, George Lam, Miriam Yeung, Joey Yung, Khalil Fong, Shirley Kwan, Charlene Choi and others. The gala main motive is to share videos and stories, bringing the message across, not much segment in singing, artistes will not have individual performance.

Andy Lau posted a new message on his blog yesterday, he wrote: “Disaster befallen in Japan, the whole world is sad. but we cannot be defeated by sadness, if we have the chance to help, everyone in every corner of the world will do their part to support, Japanese are very strong, we will cheer you on.”

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