Carol not pregnant, Andy plan to call off wedding

It’s alleged that Andy Lau’s wedding with Carol Zhu Liqian will be held on her 43th birthday on 6 April in Malaysia, it’s alleged that the male lead wanted to marry her because she is pregnant thus earn the title of Mrs. Lau.

However, it was said that Carol has mistaken as her pregnancy is just a beautiful misunderstanding, in addition to the media reporting about the wedding, this tired the normally low profile Andy as he tried to avoid the wedding issue. When he was asked about the wedding during his Guangzhou concert last week, Andy kept shake his head in denial as he used his body language to put a full stop to the wedding allegation.

Andy and Carol are together secretly for 24 years, in order not to hinder the career of the heavenly king, Carol had always been the woman behind Andy’s back, giving all without a title, even not able to catch a movie or shopping. Until February this year, both of them appeared together in Kuala Lumpur, beside them is a little girl whom resemble Andy, it was said that they were discussing about the wedding with Carol’s parents, this allows the die-off wedding allegation heated up again.

After the news broke out, Andy kept stressing: “The little girl is not my daughter”, “I’m not married” and other answers, he refused to answer answers related to the wedding in April, in addition to his earlier concert in Taiwan as he told fans: “Do you think an idol can marry?”, this makes one think that he was hinting that he’s getting married.

Till today, his attitude totally change as on last Friday (20 March) 2009 Wonderful World China concert at Guangzhou as he said: “I hope that our relationship will not be in this life, I won’t change my name in my next life, if you met someone by the name of Andy Lau, that is me.” This stablize the hearts of the fans as the plan of getting married is lower.

The atmosphere of the concert is good, fan kept shouting: “Wah Zai, Get married!” Andy had no response which is total difference from his past concert where he talked about his love life.

news from: Express Weekly,