Carol Zhu Liqian prepare her dowry

The Oriental Sunday magazine published today reported that Andy and “the woman behind his back” Carol Zhu Liqian had been together for 24 years, their secret love relationship will be open finally as reporters of Oriental Sunday had earlier photographed Carol appearing at Hong Kong’s North Point for her dowry.

The wedding date will be the end of April which is not the alleged 6 April. A careful Andy is also particular about his guest list, the list currently has TVB 5 Tigers’s Michael Miu and Felix Wong, with regards to old pal Sandra Ng whom had talked about the “stamp collector actress” and Shu Qi whom congratulate Andy during the promotion of Look For A Star were not among the list of names!

Oriental Sunday reported that Andy whom always kept his love life top secret was photographed by Sudden Weekly meeting Carol’s parents in Malaysia at the end of February to discuss about their wedding. Oriental Sunday had reliable sources that the actual wedding date will be at the end of April when his concert tour ended on 27 April, it will be held at Kuala Lumpur, the wedding will last for 3 days because firstly Carol’s family is reputable in Malaysia, secondly although Andy wanted it to be low profile but he also hope that it will be a grand affair.

The wedding guest list will include the family and friends of Carol, for Andy’s side will only be his family members and the only artistes will be Michael Miu with wife and Felix Wong with wife.

Although the wedding date will not be the alleged 6 April, but that day is Carol’s birthday, Andy whom will be doing his concert tour will have other arrangements, to show his sincerity, he will jet off to Malaysia on that day to attend his fiancee birthday party and distribute wedding invitation cards to her friends and family members, this will be a meaningful birthday for Carol.

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