Andrew Lau direct Acura TL commercial

Hong Kong director Andrew Lau was in Beijing’s Oriental Plaza on 22 March to attend Acura Beijing promotional press conference as he show off the 8 minutes Acura TL commercial that he directed and the making of the commercial.

Andrew had directed Initial D and Infernal Affairs, his Chinese New Year movie Look For A Star had once again done well at the box office. Being low profile and seldom appear in public, his attendance to this activity is because he is a car fan.

Andrew was invited to direct this Acura TL commercial with Andy Lau and Gue Lun-mei as the male and female lead, the story is divided into three parts namely “Meeting”, “Searching” and “Reconciliation”, for the romantic effect, the commercial was shot at San Francisco. Andy was a wine manor and Gue Lun-mei an artist, they met and fall in love before being separated, after some difficulties they met and get together.

At the activity, Andrew revealed that “Andy begged him to let him shoot this commercial”, he quipped that “I chose him because both of us are handsome”. When asked why he wanted Andy to collaborate with Gue Lun-mei, Andrew explains: “Andy is a diamond bachelor, he’s still one, Gue Lun-mei is touted to be the most pretty lady in Taiwan, a pairing of hero and beauty is right, but a hero also need a nice car to woo the beauty.”

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